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Using Swimming Pool Covers in Los Altos Hills Could Save a Life

Installing swimming pool covers in Los Altos Hills is always a great idea. Know why? Here are some of their benefits:

  • Pool covers can conserve pool water by preventing it from evaporating
  • Pool covers can protect the pool from dirt and falling debris
  • Pool covers can save you time and effort needed to clean the pool
  • Pool covers can help maintain the pool water in its desired temperature
  • Pool covers can help save lives

Saving lives is one of the biggest factors why many people would want to install a swimming pool cover. Families in particular need to have a cover on their pool especially if they have little kids or someone in the family who is not yet a very good swimmer.

This makes sense because there have been many swimming pool-related deaths and accidents across the country. Each year, families suffer swimming pool-related tragedies, especially the drowning and near-drowning of young children. From 2005 to 2009, there have been over 3,500 unintentional drownings and the majority of these deaths happened right at their backyard pool.

Most people who die or were injured in residential swimming pools and spas are young children. It’s estimated that nearly 300 children under five drown each year in backyard pools. Over 4,100 younger children than five years old sustain submersion injuries which require emergency treatment at a hospital or clinic. About half of those numbers are seriously harmed or disabled by drowning so they require extensive treatment.

It’s sadly ironic that the deaths and injuries of these families’ little loved ones could have been easily preventable. Anyone who has cared for their children — toddlers in particular — knows how fast toddlers can move. They are inquisitive, impulsive, and lack a sense of their surroundings so they fail to recognize the danger that surrounds them.

Not only children are susceptible to drowning, however. Those who don’t know how to swim well, or people who are too old or incapacitated can also accidentally drown.

Pool covers are the most effective way to protect loved ones from accidental drowning. Make sure that the material of the pool cover is durable and made of high-grade materials.

When shopping for pool covers in Los Altos, choose from a reliable distributor such as Pool Covers, Inc. Pool Covers, Inc. provides safety swimming pool covers that are durable and high-quality, and can be adapted to the various shapes and sizes of swimming pools, whether they be existing or new ones.

Pool Covers, Inc. offers manual and automatic swimming pool covers. When you are the budget-conscious pool owner, manual pool covers may be right for you — you may choose covers with manual fastener or track manual pool covers. But if you want ease of use, go for the our electric and hydraulic safety pool covers. Our Infinity 4000 automatic pool covers use state-of-the-art technology that also includes the world’s first “flood resistant” drive motor with internal control.

Whether you choose our manual or automatic pool covers, both of them are guaranteed to secure your swimming pools. All of our pool cover systems exceed the A.S.T.M. safety standards and are considered the superior pool cover in the industry.

Install swimming pool covers in Los Altos Hills today and you can save a life of your loved ones. Choose Pool Covers, Inc. for guaranteed safety and protection for your pool and your families and friends.