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Automatic Safety Pool Covers

Electric and Hydraulic Infinity Automatic Safety Pool Cover System

The company’s Infinity 4000™ automatic pool cover is a state-of-the-art, high-tech automatic pool cover system. The Infinity features bi-directional, anti-reversing auto-stops, a remote-located, low-voltage key switch, and power options that include a flood resistant manufacturer sealed motor. For installations suited for hydraulic application, the system is also available with a hydraulic power pack.

The hydraulic automatic swimming pool cover system works exactly like our electric model, and is used most often on larger pools where more power is needed, builder or pool owner preference, or if you are unable to get electricity to the pool.

The Infinity 4000™ is simply the easiest to operate, easiest to maintain, and most consumer friendly automatic swimming-pool cover on the market. And with over 37 years of automatic swimming-pool-cover- experience, we know how to help you choose the system that is right for your pool.

An Infinity 4000™ automatic swimming pool cover has Return on Investment. This means that the money you save each year on your heated pool by having an Infinity 4000™ pool cover, will pay for the entire pool-cover system, typically within 3 years…there is simply nothing you can put on your pool that will return so much…not just in energy savings and money back in your pocket…but your family’s safety as well.

All Infinity 4000™ pool-cover systems exceed A.S.T.M. safety standards and are considered the superior pool cover in the industry.

Installation Options

There are 3 ways that this automatic pool cover can be installed. Our installation experts can advise you on the best option for your pool.

Automatic Undertrack

Automatic Safety Pool CoversThe Infinity inground pool cover model (sometimes called the recessed undertrack) is designed for pools built to accommodate this system. The track is mounted inconspicuously under the pool’s coping and the mechanism is housed below the deck.

When the cover is open, the mechanism, track, and cover are hidden from view. All Infinity models exceeds A.S.T.M. standards for pool safety covers.

Recessed Toptrack

Automatic Safety Pool CoversThe Infinity recessed toptrack model fits both free-form and rectangular pools. A low-profile track is mounted on the deck and, when retracted, the cover disappears into a housing recessed below the deck.

Accommodating both new and existing pools, the system exceeds A.S.T.M. standards for pool safety covers.

Automatic Toptrack

Automatic Safety Pool CoversThe Automatic Toptrack (sometimes called “Deckmount Toptrack”) fits almost any shape or size existing pool. A low-profile track is mounted on the deck.

The retracted cover and mechanism are completely hidden in an attractive custom made bench enclosure. Exceeds A.S.T.M. standards for pool safety covers. All Automatic Pool Covers come standard with a sump pump for water removal.

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