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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Company Information and History

Pool Covers Inc, The Early Years

The company began in 1984 in Marin County when the present majority owner, Bill Pickens, sold his first pool cover, purchased it from the manufacturer and installed it himself. His office was in a spare bedroom and the garage was used for storage. Later in 1984, his wife Bonnie left her job and joined the business. Pool Covers, Inc. purchased the automatic pool cover division of Hughes-Pacific, a major competitor, in 1987. During the 90′s the company expanded service to the East Bay, Sacramento, and San Joaquin Valley by establishing a dealer network. It’s expertise in pool covers led the way in developing products that are now industry standards such as manual track covers, pool in a pool configurations and walk on tray lids.

Growth and Expansion:

By the year 2000 Pool Covers Inc. had become the largest independent pool cover company in California. They acquired their East Bay dealer, California Pool Covers, their Sacramento dealer, Pooltops and the Northern California PoolSaver operations and the Central Valley territory.

Employee Ownership:

Each year the Pickens Family sold shares of stock to the employees. The thought process was that the people who do the work should share in the profits of the company. Pool Covers, Inc. has developed a CEO program (Certified Employee Owner) which requires all employees not only be proficient in job skills but take classes in business literacy and ESOP fundamentals.

Believing that no one provides service like an owner, employee-owners are empowered to make decisions that are fair to the customer and to the company. The employees are held accountable for those decisions.

With this unique attitude Pool Covers, Inc. has been able to hire, train and retain loyal employees. “People come to work for our company and stay. With many years of experience and with the attitude of ownership, we are able to offer the best customer service in the industry", says Claire King, President.


Today, Pool Covers, Inc. has the largest fleet of vehicles on the road, the quickest service response time and offers the largest product line of swimming pool safety products in the industry.