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Product Benefits

Automatic Pool Covers: Safety for You, Your Children, and Pets

Product BenefitsHaving a swimming pool can provide the ultimate experience in backyard family fun. A pool is also a great responsibility. Each year hundreds of children are killed or seriously injured in swimming pool accidents, most of which could have been prevented if a safety pool cover was in use.

An Automatic Safety Pool Cover acts as a “horizontal fence” when covered over a pool. Traditional fences can be climbed by most children and only “deter” access to the yard. A pool covered with an Automatic Safety Pool Cover is the best way to prevent access to the water. Alarms and fencing provide multiple layers of protection, but do not physically block access to the water.

Our safety pool covers are so strong, they even support the weight of several adults. In many areas with strict safety laws, our safety pool covers are recognized as a replacement for a second fence-they are more attractive too!

Save On Heating, Chemicals, And Work!


Product BenefitsOur Safety Swimming Pool Covers save you money and have a Return on Investment of approximately 3 years. The savings potential has been proven with major studies including the most conclusive and expansive study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy.

A swimming pool cover can save you up to 85% on your annual pool heating bill and up to 93% of water evaporation can be stopped and can reduce your chemical bills by as much as 50%. A pool cover also saves you the cost of replenishing the water every month. To put it in simple terms…you place a roof on a house to contain the heat and save energy…a safety swimming pool cover does the same thing for a pool.