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Can a Pool Cover at Your Sonoma Home Help You Save Water?

pool cover at your Sonoma home is considered a great investment. There are many benefits you can get when you install a safety pool cover. One of the prime reasons why you want to place a safety cover over your pool (or spa) is to conserve water. The governor of California has declared a drought emergency to the state’s residents. A pool cover will help eliminate evaporation.

In many heat-stricken states such as California, swimming pools are a popular sight, even in residential areas. However, the warm weather hits not only the people but also their pools. The heat coming from the sun evaporates the water from the pool which means the pool will have to be refilled quite often.

To prevent water loss due to evaporation, people cover their swimming pools and spas with a safety cover. A pool safety cover is made of durable materials such as vinyl. It helps in trapping the water from being evaporated and from drifting away into the atmosphere. When your pool is not emptying itself due to evaporation, you won’t need to refill it with a fresh batch of water. Here’s a bonus — aside from its ability to conserve water, a safety pool cover also retains heat of the water it is absorbed from the sun – making it ideally warm for a night dip. A safety pool cover is a great way for you to save money and energy costs from paying for water and heating bills.

A safety cover for your pool and spa will help reduce water evaporation by up to 90%. This means that you can save roughly 70,000 gallons of water just by covering your unused pool during the hot months.

A cover will protect your pool from debris, dusts, leaves, and insects which will leave your pool dirty. A simple and affordable solution such as a safety cover will leave your pool water clean, “swimmable,” and help retain its normal composition in the long run, therefore saving you water, time and money.

These are some reasons why many people choose a safety pool cover in Sonoma. It is one of the most effective — as well as the most cost-effective — ways to save precious water in their pools and spas.