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Perfect Pool Covers New and Remodeled PoolsWhen building your dream pool we can help. Water features, no problem. Rock walls, no problem. Adding an automatic safety cover from Pool Covers, Inc. does not detract from the elegance of your pool design…it enhances it! An automatic pool cover provides you and your family with Safety, Energy Conservation, Water Evaporation Elimination and Green benefits, and can easily be integrated into your design with just a little pre-planning and coordination with your pool builder. Rectangles are elegant and easy, but even free form, kidney, and custom designed shapes, in many cases, can easily be covered if you plan ahead.

Your pool, yard, and landscaping are there to be your oasis and your escape. Your automatic cover is there to make life a little easier, help protect you and your family and save you money.

Take a look below at just some of the designs and tools we have to make your pool and pool cover a thing of beauty, and the installation and future maintenance a breeze!