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What Is the Best Safety Pool Cover for San Jose Homes?

San Jose homeowners want to know what the best safety pool cover is. There are many options available today and choosing the right one can seem difficult. To locate the best safety pool cover for your San Jose home, you may want to consider your budget, the requirements for San Jose, and what your specific needs are.

For in-ground pools, the goal is to keep your pool covered so lives are saved when your pool is not in use. This could be during the off season, when your pool is not in use, or when you will not be at your home. The safety pool covers offered by Pool Covers, Inc. are “Isolation” barriers which isolate the water from the surroundings including a pool deck. If the water isn’t viewable, it will not be a temptation for children to go near. They cannot see the water in the same way as they can with other safety devices.

Why is the “Isolation” barrier the best type of safety pool cover for San Jose homes? It is strong enough to support several adults and is recognized as a replacement for secondary fences which are normally placed around pools.

Consider what your budget is when you are looking for a safety pool cover. Perhaps you don’t use your swimming pool that often and you really don’t see the need for an automatic pool cover. There are two options you may want to think about:

  • A manual snap down pool cover is perfect for homes that have a custom-shaped pool or one that has multiple layers. It is also a good option for homes that have pools that aren’t used that often. Since these safety pool covers are custom-made for your pool, you can rest assured that it will fit properly. The cover attaches to your deck using spring-loaded, life-lock anchors. These are released when you insert and twist the life-lock safety-tool. These manual pool covers exceed ASTM safety standards. This is our most economical
  • Track Manual safety pool covers are perfect for smaller pools, those that are small or medium-sized. They feature low-profile track mounting to the sides of the deck. This type of cover offers the same benefits as the automatic covers but at a more economical rate. You can still expect the same safety, cleanliness and heat retention. Since this model is exactly like the automatic cover without the motor, it can easily be upgraded to be an automatic cover. As with the manual and automatic covers, this option also exceeds ASTM safety standards.

For those who can afford and prefer an automatic safety pool cover, the pool covers by Pool Covers, Inc. you can choose from the Infinity Automatic Safety Pool Cover System in either electric or hydraulic power pack. The Infinity 4000™ is a state-of-the-art pool cover that is also high-tech. It also includes the world’s first “flood resistant” drive motor.

This automatic safety pool cover is by-far the easiest system to operate. It is easy to maintain and is consumer-friendly. Pool Covers, Inc. has over 30 years experience and will be able to help you decide which safety pool cover is right for your budget and your pool. The Infinity 4000™ pool cover exceeds ASTM safety standards. It is considered to be the superior pool cover available on the market today which makes it the best safety pool cover available for San Jose homes.