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Important Cover Information


Thank you for purchasing the Infinity safety pool cover from Pool Covers, Inc.

Since our inception, our purpose has been to provide safety, savings, and quality service to California families like yours. Drowning is still the leading cause of death for California’s young children. Although we make every effort to provide you with the safest product available, we want to stress the following:

  • Pool Covers, Inc. recommends layers of protection, of which our safety pool cover is one layer.
  • There is no substitute for constant adult supervision. Most drownings occur during a five minute or less lapse in supervision. Never leave a child unattended!
  • Do not consider children water safe just because they have had swimming lessons.
  • Instruct baby sitters about the potential backyard hazards.
  • Install a telephone poolside with emergency telephone numbers permanently posted, as well as your home address.
  • Beware of free-floating bubble-type covers. A child can slip beneath one unnoticed.
  • Always take the pool cover completely off the pool before swimming. A partially covered pool can be a hazard.
  • Always remove the key from the keyswitch. The key should never be left, unattended, in the switch.

Each year Pool Covers, Inc. spends a lot of time and money to get this message out to the public. We know that your recommendation to a neighbor, friend, or family member is more effective than any type of advertising. To reward you for making another pool safe, we offer discount certificates and coupons for referrals that result in a sale. If you are the first to let us know about any potential referrals that result in a sale, you will receive a generous credit towards future goods and services from Pool Covers, Inc.

Please call 1-707-864-6674
to refer a friend or neighbor.

Thank you,

The Employee Owners at Pool Covers, Inc.