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Save Lives, Save Water, Save Heat, Save Money

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Save Water, Save Heat, Save Energy

Save Money & Energy With Automatic And Manual Pool Covers

Save 3 to 5 thousand gallons of water this summer.

A pool cover reduces evaporation by 90-95%.

Monthly Loss Monthly Loss Monthly Loss
Pool Size Surface Area 1/2 inch evaporation per week 1 inch evaporation per week 2 inch evaporation per week
15 X 30 450 sqft. 600 gal. 1200 gal. 2400 gal.
16 X 30 576 sqft. 771 gal. 1542 gal. 3084 gal.
18 X 36 648 sqft. 865 gal. 1730 gal. 3460 gal.
20 X 40 800 sqft. 1071 gal. 2142 gal. 4284 gal.

Pools differ in evaporation rates due to air heat, shade, water temperature, and humidity. Arrive at your pools present rate of evaporation by marking a spot on your pool wall and observe the lower water level. Then compute the monthly savings you could achieve using an automatic pool cover.

With our safety cover in place, you’ll save on expensive heating bills. Daytime water temperature increases as much as 10 to 15 degrees and nighttime heat loss is reduced by up to 90%.

And on a hot day, a gallon of chlorine can evaporate in just two hours. But in a pool covered by our safety cover, chlorine can last as long as two weeks. Plus a covered pool is a clean pool, so spend more time enjoying your pool and less time skimming, sweeping and vacuuming.

An Automatic Pool Cover Gives You Time To Enjoy The Savings.

Save Water, Save Heat, Save Energy

Pool covers only work when you use them. Here’s where the PCS Infinity 4000™ shines. In seconds the pool is covered! No lugging heavy tarps or hand cranking. It is the convenience of opening or closing your pool in seconds, as often as you like, that helps reduce energy consumption and gives you the time to enjoy your pool. You get big benefits with no effort.

Your pool should be an oasis from your busy life, a place to be pampered. Because automatic pool covers keep pools free of dirt, leaves and other debris, you’ll spend a lot more time enjoying your pool. While a safety pool cover helps to reduce evaporation of chemicals and helps keep the pool cleaner, it is still recommended that you use a pool service professional. They are experts in their field and help point out potential issues.