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Automatic Undertrack

Automatic Under Track Pool Covers

Automatic UndertrackThis style pool cover is referred to as: an undertrack unit, a recessed undertrack, and sometimes a below ground pool cover. What this means is the pool cover track mounts under the pool’s coping, virtually hiding it from view. The pool cover mechanism is housed underground at one end of the pool.

The unit is then covered with a lid. This lid can be a standard aluminum lid, a metal walk on lid, or a tray walk on lid (also known as continuous coping). When your safety pool cover is in the open position, the pool cover, tracks and mechanism are hidden from view. You get all of the safety and savings benefits in one of the best looking applications.

Automatic Undertrack An automatic undertrack cover is designed for rectangular pools or free form pools that are built to accommodate this system.
This system exceeds the A.S.T.M. standards for safety pool covers.