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Replacing your Pool Cover

Replacing your Pool CoverAs a distributor for Pool Cover Specialists® we know that we have the right pool cover for your pool at the best price. We are backed by the largest pool cover manufacturer in the world, and after over 40 years of being the largest independent distributor we have found that experience is the key. You are in very capable hands when having us replace or repairing your cover. You get our 7 year prorated warranty backed by our team of employee owners and installed by our certified trained technicians….no matter what make or model or who installed your current cover and system.

Give us a call and let us help you with just the right color to fit your needs. Need a custom color…it can be done!

WARNING: Because computer monitor settings are not the same…never rely on web pictures when choosing your color. Please request a FREE color sample and we will mail one to you.

  • PCS™ Fabric is the strongest and most durable Pool Cover Fabric in the industry! FACT: Proprietary formulation owned by PCS™ and used for over 40 years…this is a proven durable product and carries a 7 year prorated warranty!
  • Low shrink, non-wicking fibers are used.
  • The polyester base fabric is carefully controlled during weaving for straightness, so there is no curving or warping of the finished vinyl.
  • The tensile strength is better than the 20oz. coated vinyl available and far superior to any laminated vinyl in the weight range.
  • Our vinyl is made with virgin PVC resin, BASF Palatinol N plasticizer, and contains no “fillers.” Other coated and laminated vinyls add chalks and other fillers to keep costs down.
  • Our vinyl is formulated for both chlorine and abrasion resistance.
  • Algae-free fabric means: a cover that cleans easily, and lasts longer.
  • Our fabric warranty significantly exceeds that of any industry competitor.