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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Pool Covers For Unique Shape, Waterfall and Raised Walls Pools

Water Features

Automatic Pool Covers With Water FeaturesWhen building your pool be creative. Rock walls, water features and unusual shapes do not need to be a deterrent. With our automatic pool cover you can have these creative options.
Water features are very popular today and can turn a plain pool into a spectacular pool. When covering a pool with unique water features we can assist you. We take great pride in providing creative pool cover solutions.

Raised Wall Pools

Pool Covers For Raised Wall Pools Raised walls represent a popular way to ensure a creative pool design, particularly in applications where "slope" and variances in "grade" make it difficult to install a pool without incorporating one or more raised walls. The track is built into the wall creating an aesthetically clean look that preserves the elegance of the pool environment. We can install an automatic safety pool cover on a pool with a raised wall.


Shaped Pools

Safety Covers For Shaped PoolsFree-form shape adds personality to a pool and do not complicate the installation of an automatic safety pool cover. Free-form pools pose no design limit for our automatic covers. This photo demonstrates one of many solutions.