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Governor Recommends Spa and Pool Covers During Drought

One of the biggest problems that California has been experiencing is drought, and this year is no different. It seems that almost every year the state has been experiencing the worst droughts in recorded history. And it is worse this year, which prompted the state’s governor, Jerry Brown, to announce a state of emergency as well as to order a new set of water restrictions. Pool covers, as well as spa covers, can help save precious water during this time of drought.

But conservation can’t be that easy — it’s because a lot of Californian households have swimming pools in their backyards. Californians love water and swimming is one of their typical hobbies. According to recent research, it was revealed that there are 43,123 swimming pools in the Los Angeles basin between Hollywood Hills and San Pedro. The same researcher has also identified that the average size of a pool in California measures about 430 square feet. The average depth is about 5.5 feet. This means the total average amount of water for each pool leads to about 18,000 gallons.

See how much water can be lost if the pools are not covered. The number one culprit of losing water from a pool is evaporation. According to the latest findings, it is estimated that a pool loses 1/2 to 2 inches of water per week — that’s about 19,500 gallons of water lost each year due to evaporation alone!

The governor has requested everyone across cities and towns in California to cut back on water consumption by 25% as part of the state’s mandatory water conservation. One of the ways that he recommends reducing water usage is by adding spa and pool covers especially during times of drought. This is to ensure that much of the pool and spa waters will be conserved against evaporation. According to the US Department of Energy, using a cover for unused swimming pools can save water to as much as 95% from evaporation. The less water lost, the more money you can also save from having to refill the pool with fresh water over again.

But in order to make sure that much of the water in your spa and pool as possible covers should remain intact throughout the driest drought and the coldest winter. He recommended that the spa and pool covers are made of high quality materials. You can learn more about pool covers from a reputable dealer such as Pool Covers, Inc.

Pool Covers Inc. provides high-quality and durable pool and spa covers. The company offers both manual and automatic pool covers. Whether you want a manual snap pool cover, track manual pool cover, or our state-of-the-art Infinity 4000™ automatic pool cover, we make pool covers that will specifically fit the size and shape of your swimming pool or spa.

Using a high-quality cover for your swimming pool and spa brings you many benefits. A pool cover saves water; therefore it saves you a lot of money from utility bills. Another benefit is that a pool cover also protects your swimming pool and spa from dirt and dust, as well as preventing a child or pet from accidentally drowning.

Like the rest of us, people in California also need water for their nourishment, for home and business use, as well as freshen and clean themselves. Times are really tough when one of life’s necessities — water — is in short supply. In order to have more water available in the future, we must conserve it now. This starts with using spa and swimming pool covers. Find high-quality, durable, and long-lasting swimming pool and spa covers such as those from Pool Covers, Inc. to help you in your water conservation efforts.