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Safety Pool Covers in Santa Rosa – Learn How to Choose the Right Cover Company

Choosing the right safety pool covers company in Santa Rosa also requires some research. That way you’ll be assured of a quality safety pool cover and customer service.

Choosing the right company to install safety pool covers in Santa Rosa isn’t as involved as choosing a company to install a pool in your backyard. However, choosing the right company to install a pool cover is not a matter of guesswork, either. It is still recommended that you do some research before selecting the company to install a cover for your swimming pool or spa.

Here are some of the important points you should consider before hiring a pool cover company.

1. The company’s years of experience and reputation
This is the number one consideration most potential customers ask before hiring a company to install a safety pool cover. You should also consider how many projects this particular company has undertaken, and how familiar they are with their job. This applies especially to automatic swimming pool and solar heating cover installation. You will also want to know how familiar they are at installing covers for various types of pools — from the more traditional pools to some of the more sophisticated like infinity pools. Of course, you should also consider a company’s customer service — how it treats its clients and if they respond quickly to their concerns.

2. Check to ensure the company is licensed to do business
This is another important consideration to take seriously before hiring a company to install swimming pool and spa covers. This is to ensure that the company is lawfully conducting its business so that you’ll get the quality service you deserve.

3. Recommendations (or discouragement) from other customers
If you know anyone in your neighborhood who has had a safety pool cover installed, ask them about their experience. What type of cover did they want for their pool? How long did it take for the company to install the cover for their pool? What were the materials used and their quality? Does the company do repairs? These customers may recommend this company to you, or may discourage you from hiring it.

You may find some recommendations and positive reviews by reading various related websites. Many pool cover websites often feature testimonials from their own clients. Be aware, however, that the pool cover website is unlikely to publish negative testimonials.

4. Do a background check
If you are serious about hiring a certain pool cover company, do a little investigation about its background and history. This includes checking the company’s records relating to its business. The first place to go is the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org) to see if the company has received any complaints from their customers. Find out too if the company complies with state regulations.

5. Safety and insurance
Check to ensure the company has a good safety record. Some pool-and-spa-covers companies offer safety consultations. It’s also important that a company has insurance to protect its clients because no matter how skilled and conscientious its workers are, accidents do sometimes happen. Find out too, what kind of insurance the company offers.

Listen to your instincts. If a company is compelling you to make a decision as quick as possible and/or requesting you to pay in cash (often in large amounts), it is best to think twice. Also, if it offers you an unrealistically lower-than-usual estimate, you may have the right to feel suspicion that it is not a legitimate company.

These are only a few important considerations – you may be able to think of others. But these points will definitely guide you to finding the best company for safety pool covers in Santa Rosa to install covers for your pool and spa. Always remember that choosing the right company not only protects your pool but you also protect your investment as well.