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Reasons for Using Swimming Pool Covers in Hillsborough

If you have a swimming pool, do you know the reasons for using swimming pool covers in Hillsborough? There are many reasons for using a swimming pool cover. They will be discussed below.

The first reason for using a swimming pool cover in Hillsborough is because it is required by law. The California Pool Safety Act requires either an enclosure (including fence and gate) around a swimming pool or a safety pool cover that meets the “approved safety pool cover” definition. This means the pool cover must be manually or power-operated and must pass or exceed American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety standards. Both in ground and above ground swimming pools are covered by this law.

Really, the main reason for using swimming pool covers is to provide safety for your loved ones and for anyone who might be in your yard. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Preventions states that drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death among children 1 to 14 years old. By having, and regularly using, the swimming pool cover, you are ensuring the safety of children, teens and adults in your swimming pool.

What type of swimming pool cover must you have? That is left up to you as long as it meets the ASTM standards. You can choose from a safety mesh cover, solid winter pool cover or pool net cover. These each have their advantages, so you will want to learn about each one before choosing which type to put on your swimming pool.

Mesh and vinyl safety pool covers protect swimming pools. Not only do they keep leaves and debris from getting into the pool, they also keep pets, children and adults from entering the pool should they slip and fall near the pool. Mesh and vinyl safety pool covers must meet specific criteria including: being able to bear a specific weight, not having spaces that a child could slip through, rainwater drainage to avoid drowning on the cover’s surface, and others.

Solid swimming pool covers are necessary for anyone living where the pool can freeze if it is left open during the winter. It also restricts algae growth and keeps debris from falling into the pool. This will maintain the pool’s condition for use during the spring and summer months.

Manually operated and automatic swimming pool/safety pool covers offer other benefits for swimming pools. They can be custom-built for your specific pool to help you keep your pool safe and well-maintained. The manually operated covers use hand cranks to pull the cover away from the water. Automatic pool covers have either a hydraulic or an electric motor the moves the cover.

Swimming pool and safety pool covers:

  • Ensure safety for pets, children and adults.
  • They maintain your pool’s safety during inclement weather
  • They keep your pool clean by keeping leaves and debris out
  • They help keep the water temperature up so you use less power to heat them
  • They reduce evaporation of the water so you don’t have to add make-up water
  • They reduce chemical usage

These are some of the reasons for using a swimming pool cover in Hillsborough. If you would like to discuss your swimming pool cover needs, contact Pool Covers, Inc. at 707.864.6674.