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Automatic Toptrack

Automatic Top Track Pool Covers

Automatic ToptrackThe Infinity 4000™ automatic toptrack is customizable for existing pools. We can cover just about any shape pool…including freeform, Grecian, and rectangular shapes.

We need the room for the low profile tracks to run parallel to each other (at the two widest points of your pool) and there needs to be room at one of the pool for the pool cover mechanism.

This style of safety cover is also referred to as a toptrack unit, an above ground pool cover, or a deck mount cover.



Automatic ToptrackWe install an automatic toptrack by retrofitting a rectangle over the top of your pool. The low profile pool track is then mounted on top of the deck or on top of the coping, while the pool cover mechanism is installed above ground, at one end of the pool. The retracted cover and the pool cover mechanism are then completely hidden in an attractive, custom made bench enclosure. Our deluxe benches are both functional and beautiful. We can also provide the framework for you to build your own custom designed enclosure.

All Infinity 4000™ pool-cover systems exceed A.S.T.M. safety standards.