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Need a Pool Cover in Napa? Call Pool Covers, Inc.

When do you need a pool cover in Napa? There are many reasons why installing a pool cover on your swimming pool is necessary. A few of the reasons are listed below.

  • Water loss due to evaporation. This is perhaps the number one consideration for buying pool covers in Napa and the surrounding areas. California has been experiencing severe droughts in recent years that have even resulted in the depletion of the state’s lakes and reservoirs. This is of particular concern especially for people who enjoy swimming and playing in and around their backyard pools.
    On average, an unused and uncovered pool loses about an inch of water a day due to evaporation. Of course, it still depends on wind intensity, humidity, and sunlight that can drastically change the rates in water loss. Evaporation in swimming pools is a big problem especially during the hot months. And in California, the drought is such a problem that Governor Brown announced a state of drought emergency and asked the state’s residents to cut back on water use.
  • Falling debris (leaves, branches, twigs, other objects), as well as dust and dirt. There is nothing more annoying than seeing such debris falling and landing in your pool. Then you have to get your telescopic pool net to fish the fallen leaves, twigs, branches, and sometimes your dog’s toys, out of the pool. And you have to do it all over again whenever you see another fallen object land in your pool. A pool cover greatly reduces the chance that objects will fall into the pool.
  • Having younger children who might be curious and go towards the pool or family members who cannot swim. Younger children are too inquisitive to recognize danger the moment they reach toward the pool. Swimming pool covers are a marvelous way to keep everyone safe.
  • Mounting energy costs due to use of a water heater. Especially if you’d like to swim every night, you may have to turn on the water heater to warm up the pool water. In the end, you’ll be faced with exorbitant energy costs! By keeping your swimming pool covered when it is not in use, you will reduce the cost of heating the water because the pool cover will help the pool retain its heat.

Do you know that a simple material such as a pool cover can answer all of these problems? Pool Covers, Inc. will provide the best pool covers in all of California.

Our pool covers will preserve your precious pool water up to 95%, rather than allowing it to be lost due to evaporation. They will also protect your pools from dirt, dust and debris, keeping your pool clean for a long time. You don’t have to worry about rising energy costs any longer because our pool covers maintain the desired temperature of your pool water. And most important of all, our sturdy and durable pool covers will help you save the lives of your loved ones.

Pool Covers, Inc. provides both manual and automatic safety pool covers, providing you options that will answer your needs and budget.

  • Manual pool covers – Pool Covers, Inc.’s manual pool covers are the answer for those who are on a budget or find that automatic pool covers aren’t feasible. They are custom-made and will fit your pool regardless of size and shape — even pools with extreme shapes! They are available in two types: manual pool covers with fasteners (perfect especially for irregularly-shaped pools) and track manual pools, which can be easily upgraded to an automatic pool cover.
  • Automatic pool covers – Our Infinity 4000 automatic pool covers system is high-tech and state-of-the-art. They come in two variations: the electric and the hydraulic models.
    Our Infinity 4000 electric automatic pool cover features two-way, anti-reversing auto-stops, and they can be operated remotely with a low-voltage key switch. They also have other power options that also include “flood resistant” drive motor with internal control — the first in the world. The hydraulic model also works in the same way as our electric model, and is used for bigger pools where more power is needed to operate it. It’s also feasible for pools where the use of electricity is not feasible.
    Our Infinity 4000 pool covers also give you the expected benefits, but they also have a Return of Investment. This means that the savings you’ve made from heating the pool by using our Infinity 4000 automatic pool covers will pay for the entire pool-cover system. Isn’t that an excellent benefit?

When quality and performance are your utmost concerns, you don’t have to anxious about Pool Covers, Inc.’s products. Our pool covers exceed the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This certification makes our pool covers the finest on the market.

If you need a pool cover in Napa, look no further than to go to Pool Covers Inc. For more information about our products, contact us through our customer service number 707-864-6674 or email us at request4info@poolcoversinc.com.