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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Tag: swimming pool covers Kentfield

When designing a new backyard pool, most owners may consider add-ons, such as heating, lighting, fancy deck tiles, splash pads, water bowls, and even an outdoor shower. Another add-on that may be worth installing is a pool cover. More pool Read more…

Installing swimming pool covers in Los Altos Hills is always a great idea. Know why? Here are some of their benefits: Pool covers can conserve pool water by preventing it from evaporating Pool covers can protect the pool from dirt and falling Read more…

Energy and water are only two of the things that we need in life. Without these necessities, we cannot function and work properly. But sometimes we take these things for granted, and we realize their importance only when they’re in Read more…

A pool cover is a great investment for your pool, as well as the rest of your property. Pool covers in Kentfield help you conserve water by slowing down evaporation especially during the hot summer season. Using a pool cover will also Read more…