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Swimming Pool Covers in San Jose Help Save Water During Drought

Swimming Pool Covers in San Jose Help Save Water During Drought

California is generally sunny and warm, making it perfect for a cooling, relaxing, and fun dip at the swimming pool. Not surprisingly, swimming pools have been a significant part of California’s lifestyle for decades. 

However, the warm season has also caused California’s worsening drought, especially in recent years. Communities are banning the filling of swimming pools or restricting the construction and remodeling of new pools.

However, as California’s economy has recovered recently, the number of swimming pools has steadily increased despite the drought. Unfortunately, this leads to potentially wasted water. The local government has pleaded with residents to reduce water use by as much as 20%, and using swimming pool covers in San Jose and the rest of the state can help.

Conserving pool water during drought

A backyard swimming pool gives pleasure and activity to your family and provides a great place for gatherings with your friends. However, owning a pool also means you are responsible for maintaining it. 

Evaporation is the process where a liquid turns into vapor. It occurs when your pool is not covered. Besides evaporation, some practices and habits potentially waste a lot of water (such as careless splashing) and leaks in the pool. With the water reduced in your pool, you may not be able to enjoy taking a plunge!

These water-saving strategies below can help you conserve pool water during drought conditions while enjoying your pool responsibly.

  • Cover the pool – If it isn’t being used, cover it. Doing so prevents water loss through evaporation, which can be significant, especially during hot and dry weather.
  • Fix leaks – Regularly inspect your pool for leaks and repair them promptly. Even a small leak can lead to more water loss than you think over time.
  • Reduce splashing – Encourage swimmers to enter the pool gently to minimize splashing. Excessive splashing can result in water loss, especially in windy conditions.
  • Limit pool filling—Do not drain and refill the pool unless necessary. Instead, consider treating the existing water to maintain its quality.
  • Monitor water level – Maintain the pool water appropriately to ensure proper filtration and circulation while avoiding unnecessary waste.
  • Use a timer for filtration – Install a timer on your pool pump to ensure it operates efficiently without running longer than necessary.
  • Regular maintenance – Keep the pool clean and well-maintained to avoid the need for excessive water replacement due to algae growth or other issues.
  • Collect rainwater – Collect and use rainwater to top up the pool instead of potable water.
  • Reuse backwash water—Instead of wasting it from pool filters, consider reusing it. It can be used to water plants or clean outdoor surfaces.
  • Use pool water wisely – Avoid excessive pool activities, such as water features or slides, during drought conditions.
  • Educate pool users – Teach them how important water conservation is and encourage them to adopt water-saving practices.
  • Invest in water-saving technologies – Consider investing in water-saving technologies such as water-efficient pool filters and recirculation systems.

Why install a pool cover from Pool Covers, Inc.?

Swimming Pool Covers in San Jose Help Save Water During Drought

Install a pool cover to keep your swimming pool water from drying up during drought. Covering your pool when no one is using it is one of the most effective ways to save water during drought. With a quality pool cover to do the job, you don’t even have to worry about losing your pool to evaporation!

Installing a pool cover from Pool Covers, Inc. can slow your pool’s evaporation by 90 to 95 percent. Water evaporates less when you cover your pool during warm days and after using it. By covering your pool, you won’t need to refill it as often, contributing to your household’s water conservation measures during drought. The more water you save, the more you enjoy using your pool.

Here are the other benefits of using our quality pool covers:

  • Temperature regulation—Covers help maintain the pool’s temperature by reducing heat loss, especially during cooler nights. This can lead to energy savings by decreasing the need for heating.
  • Chemical conservation—By preventing debris from entering the pool, covers can reduce the chemicals needed to maintain water quality, saving money and time on pool maintenance.
  • Cleaner pool – Covers are a barrier against leaves, insects, and other debris, keeping the pool cleaner between uses. This reduces the frequency of skimming and vacuuming, making pool maintenance more manageable.
  • Safety – Some pool covers, particularly those designed to support weight, can serve as safety barriers, preventing children or pets from accidental falls into the pool.
  • Extended swimming season—Solar covers or blankets can extend the swimming season by harnessing the sun’s heat and warming the water, allowing for comfortable swimming even during cooler weather.
  • Reduced energy costs—Covers can lead to significant energy savings by conserving heat and reducing the need for pool heaters, which could lower utility bills.
  • Algae prevention: Covers block sunlight, inhibiting algae growth. This reduces the need for algaecides and other chemical treatments, promoting clearer water and healthier swimming conditions.
  • Prevention of waterborne illnesses – By keeping out debris and reducing evaporation, covers help maintain water quality, reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses caused by contamination.

Pool covers offer many benefits that contribute to cost savings, energy efficiency, water conservation, and improved safety and cleanliness of the pool environment.

Needing a pool cover? Contact us now!

Pool Covers, Inc. can help you install a new swimming pool cover for your San Jose pool. We offer manual and state-of-the-art automatic pool covers that fit pools of any size, shape, and form. We also make safety covers for your outdoor spa. Our pool covers are made of quality materials and are guaranteed safe. Homeowners needing swimming pool covers in San Jose can be assured of a cleaner and safer pool environment while committing themselves to saving precious water in their pools.

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