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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Swimming Pool Covers in San Jose Help Save Water During Drought

Installing a swimming pool cover in San Jose can bring many benefits to you and your family. It keeps your pool clean from debris and minimizes the chance of poolside accidents. A cover even helps save your pool’s water during times of drought.

California is one of the states that are experiencing a warm and arid season. This has been a problem faced by many people, including homeowners in San Jose who own backyard pools. There are about two million swimming pools in California. Since the state’s economy has been recovering recently, the number of swimming pools has steadily increased despite the drought. Unfortunately, this leads into potentially wasted water. The governor has made a plea to residents to cut back water use by as much as 20%.

Owning a backyard swimming pool gives pleasure and activity for your family, but it also gives you the responsibility of maintaining it. To keep your swimming pool water from drying up, install a pool cover. One of the most reputable local companies in the pool cover business is Pool Covers, Inc.

Evaporation is the process where a liquid is transformed into a vapor. This happens when your pool is not covered. With the water reduced in your pool you may not be able to enjoy taking a plunge!

By installing a pool cover from Pool Covers, Inc., you can slow down your pool’s evaporation by up to 90 to 95 percent. When you cover your pool during those warm daytimes, your water will evaporate less. By conserving water you won’t need to refill your pool as often, therefore saving water and a bit of money. A pool cover will also help you from having to do as much cleaning and maintenance work as well.

Another plus for installing a pool cover: in as much as it helps in reducing evaporation in your pool, a cover also helps retain the heat of your pool’s water. The temperature will be ideal when you go out at night for swimming with your family and friends. If you don’t have a water heater in your pool, a cover should be a cheaper way to keep your pool warm. On the other hand, installing a pool cover will also save you from paying more heating bills. So it’s a win-win situation.

Pool Covers, Inc. can be of service when you need to install a cover for your pool. There are manual pool covers and state-of-the-art automatic pool covers. The company also makes safety covers for your outdoor spa as well. Their pool covers are made of quality materials, and are guaranteed safe. Homeowners needing swimming pool covers in San Jose can be assured of a of a cleaner and safer pool environment, while committing itself in saving precious water in their pools.