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Lid Types to Cover Pool Cover Mechanism

When we install an automatic pool cover below ground (automatic undertrack installation) you have several options to hide your pool cover mechanism. Below are some of those options.

Standard Lids

Standard Lids for Automatic Undertrack Pool Covers Standard Lid:Available in Clear Anodizing, Bronze Anodizing or Powder Coated.
This lid comes standard with all Automatic Undertrack pool covers. It is designed to hide the mechanism and is the most economical choice.


Walk On Lids

Walk On Lids for Pool CoversMetal Walk on Lids: Available in Clear Anodizing, Bronze Anodizing or Powder Coated.
This lid is an upgrade to our Standard lids. With the addition of our commercial-strength, custom, stainless steel lid brackets, our standard, aluminum lid becomes a "walk on metal lid," capable of supporting the weight of one or more adults without compromising the lid assembly.

Walk On Tray Lids For Pool CoversWalk On Tray Lids: Walk on tray lids disguise the housing of the pool covers mechanism. By utilizing the same decking and coping material as the surrounding deck, the closed pool cover becomes virtually hidden. This application is also known as continuous coping.

Now is not the time to cut corners. Build the most unique, beautiful pool that you can and let us take care of the details.