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Safety Pool Covers

Pool Covers, Inc. specializes in several different types of safety swimming pool products: We offer safety swimming pool covers. Whether you want total ease of use with a fully automatic pool cover or a simple manual pool cover we have a cover that is right for your needs.

Range of high quality Pool Products - Pool & Spa Covers

Automatic Pool Covers

ProductsIf having state-of-the-art technology is important to you, check out the Pool Covers, Inc. Infinity 4000™. This automatic pool cover is considered to be a superior pool cover, is advanced and high-tech among all automatic pool covers available today. The Infinity 4000™ includes these features:

  • A key switch that is low-voltage and remote-located
  • It has non-reversing auto-stops that are bi-directional
  • It has different power options including a flood resistant drive motor with the electric option or a hydraulic system.

Every Infinity 4000™ pool cover system is built to exceed safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M.).



Manual Pool Covers

ProductsPool Covers, Inc. offers manual pool covers that lock down but provide the same safety as our automatic covers. These covers are the perfect choice for situations where an automatic pool cover isn’t feasible. This type of pool cover would be used on pools that have multiple levels or is an extreme shape. They could also be used for pools that require protection but may not be used regularly. The manual safety cover provides the safety you want and includes the benefit of a price that is more economical than the automatic pool cover. These manual covers also exceed safety standards of the A.S.T.M.


Safety Spa Covers

ProductsSafety is as important for spas as it is for swimming pools. Add a spa cover that is designed for safety. Pool Covers, Inc. suggests one of these different spa cover options:

  • Automatic - This is a smaller version of the automatic swimming pool cover that is the perfect size for your spa.
  • Manual fastener – This spa cover can be designed to the exact shape of your spa. It has the same safety features of our full-size pool covers.
  • Aluminum – Long lasting and sturdy, the aluminum spa cover will not waterlog.

These covers will keep your spa safe, and are energy efficient. Call us today at 707.864.6674 to talk about which spa cover is best for your spa. Each of our spa covers exceed the standards set out by the A.S.T.M.