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Why Buy an Automatic Pool Cover in Stockton?

Why Buy an Automatic Pool Cover in Stockton?

An automatic pool cover in Stockton will become a great addition to your swimming pool environment in many ways. Although more expensive compared to a manual cover, an automatic pool cover provides valuable benefits that will offset the cost of purchasing it.

In the end, you will enjoy more fun time in the pool, enjoy significant savings, and most importantly, keep your family and loved ones safe.

Reasons to buy an automatic pool cover:

  1. Safety – Pool owners have their reasons for purchasing and installing an automatic pool cover. For people who have little children and pets in the household, safety is their main concern and also the reason for buying it. An automatic pool cover closes the pool when it’s not in use, creating a safety barrier against accidental drowning. With the pool completely sealed, you don’t have to worry about kids going towards and falling in the pool.
  2. Energy savings – With a covered pool, you do not have to turn on the heater to warm the water as often as you would with an uncovered pool. It’s because an automatic pool cover traps the heat and keeps it in the pool water, making the temperature warm and inviting – great for a night or early morning swim. This allows for great savings on energy and money.
  3. Water conservation – Evaporation is one of the main culprits of water loss. When the pool is not covered, the combination of hot temperatures and strong winds will cause the pool water to evaporate quickly. For a normal-sized pool, that will mean about 25,000 to 50,000 gallons of water lost per year due to evaporation. But when you use an automatic pool cover, you will prevent water evaporation by 95%, so it is one of the best things you can do to conserve pool water especially if you live in the warmer regions.
  4. Reduction on chemical usage and costs – There are commercial chemicals that keep the pool water clean and sanitized. But when the pool is open all day long, the chemicals in the water will evaporate, losing their effectiveness in sanitizing the water. As a result, you have to apply the chemicals again and again, which means additional costs. A covered pool reduces the amount of chemical usage by stopping the chemicals from evaporating into the atmosphere. The less use of chemicals, the more money you will save.
  5. A clean pool – No one wants to swim in a murky pool, and automatic pool covers do a perfect job of keeping your pool water clean and pristine. It protects the pool from fallen leaves, branches other debris that will make pool water dirty. With a covered pool you do not need to skim the water prior to swimming. You can come home to clean pool water that’s swim-ready any time of the day.
  6. Convenience – Probably the biggest advantage of using an automatic pool cover over a manual pool cover is convenience. With just a push of the remote button or a turn of the remote switch, you can close or open the pool effortlessly.

The items listed above are some of the reasons to buy an automatic pool cover in Stockton. If you would like further information or would like to set up an appointment for an estimate, contact us at 1-707-864-6674 or fill out our form at https://poolcoversinc.com/contact-us.

Why not buy an automatic pool cover in Stockton today? It’s a great investment and will definitely pay for itself – it keeps your pool clean and intact and saves you money by reducing energy and costs. But most importantly, an automatic pool cover is a lifesaver which prevents your loved ones from drowning accidents.