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Automatic Pool Covers Modesto – Can You Really Walk on Your Pool Cover?

Automatic Pool Covers Modesto – Can You Really Walk on Your Pool Cover?

Among the other types of pool covers, automatic pool covers in Modesto are the most convenient. You don’t have to labor over opening and closing your swimming pool like you do with a manual pool cover. Automatic pool covers are quick and easy to use when opening and closing the swimming pool – just one push of the button or turn of a key and the automatic pool cover will do the rest of the work.

Apart from the convenience, automatic pool covers provide pretty much the same range of benefits as the other manual pool covers. They keep dirt and debris out of the pool, prevent evaporation, save you money on your energy bills and prevent drowning.

Automatic pool covers may be the most expensive option, but they will reward you with convenience of operation and ease of maintenance, apart from the typical benefits which are mentioned above.

But can an automatic pool cover be walked on?

At first glance, it looks like you can walk on an automatic pool cover. However, it is supported by the pool water below and is aided by the side tracks which help it to stretch tightly across the pool. In effect, it makes the automatic pool cover look like a water bed.

The automatic pool cover can be walked on, but for the main purpose of rescuing someone or removing fallen leaves, twigs and other debris. However, it is not meant to be jumped on or played on. Putting the weight on the cover excessively or frequently can damage it over time.

If you are looking for a safety automatic cover, its ability to hold certain weight should be one of your primary considerations. If a pool cover is durable and is installed properly, it can hold a considerable weight and therefore it is enough to be walked on, if necessary. Fortunately, you can always refer to the ASTM standards that will help guide you in purchasing a quality automatic pool cover.

The ASTM standard is labeled as ASTM F1346-91. The pool cover manufacturer should make sure that their product must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The pool cover must be able to hold at least 485 lbs. – this is roughly equivalent to a combined weight of two adults and one child, in order to permit rescue operation.
  • The cover should pass the Perimeter Detection Test. Any openings in the pool cover should be too small for any objects to pass through, and that they are strong enough to resist any attempts to pass through.
  • The cover should pass the Surface Drainage Test. A pool cover must prove that it does not collect water on the cover surface and that it comes with an automatic sump pump to pump water off the top of the cover if you are not home.
  • The pool cover should have proper labels, such as information and warning labels.

It also helps to look at the automatic pool cover’s warranty. A warranty gives you the assurance that the pool cover manufacturer is confident of the quality of its product, which should be deemed free of any defects.

We at Pool Covers Inc. always make safety a top priority by making sure that our pool cover systems use the best quality products and first-rate installation by our professional pool covers technicians.

Automatic pool covers in Modesto have increasingly become a popular choice among backyard pool owners. Aside from the convenience they provide, they also keep the pool water clean and provide protection to your loved ones against drowning.