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Safety Pool Covers Granite Bay – Different from Solar Covers?

Safety Pool Covers Granite Bay – Different from Solar Covers?

Safety pool covers in Granite Bay protect the pool from dirt and evaporation and keep the pool waters warm. Solar covers also provide the same basic benefits. But how are they different? Is it the materials or the other functions and benefits they provide? Does a safety pool cover have more advantages over a solar cover or vice versa?

What is a solar cover?

A solar cover is one of the least expensive ways to keep your swimming pool somewhat protected from dirt, debris, and evaporation. One of the main reasons to buy a solar cover is that the sun will heat the water through the cover during the day. The solar cover looks like a giant version of a bubble wrap. The bubbles trap heat from the sun, barring the water vapors from escaping and keeping the heat in the pool water. The water stays warm throughout the day, making it for an inviting evening or early morning swim.

A solar cover freely floats on the surface of the water without the anchors or any other attachments that hold it in place. This allows water, heat and chemicals to evaporate from the edges of the cover and they are not recommended as a safety cover to protect smaller children and pets from drowning. If you stand on the top of a floating cover, they will not support weight.

What is a safety cover?

A safety cover does a better job than the solar cover does when it comes to protecting the pool from dirt, debris, and evaporation. The solar cover will heat the pool water during the day better than a safety cover, but the safety cover will contain all heat in a 24-hour time frame better. The safety covers seal to the surrounding pool area and eliminate evaporative loss.

A safety pool cover is made of durable materials such as vinyl fabric, which can resist tears, rips, and damage from sunlight and chlorine from the pool water. A safety cover can be made of woven mesh or solid vinyl and is secured by the supporting anchors to hold it in place.

In addition to the basic functions, the most important benefit that a safety cover provides is security. It prevents accidental drownings, giving extra protection for children, pets and others who cannot swim.

Such covers undergo rigorous testing to meet industry safety standards. The ASTM, the industry leader in product safety, lays down the rules for pool covers to make them become certified safety pool covers:

  1. The pool covers must be able to hold a weight that is equivalent of two adults and one child to permit rescue.
  2. The pool covers must pass the Perimeter Detection Test, which means any openings should be too small for any objects to pass through, and that they are strong enough to resist any attempts by anyway to pass through.
  3. The pool covers must pass the Surface Drainage Test, which means they must prove that they do not collect rainwater on the surface.
  4. The pool covers must have the proper information and warning labels.

Which is for you – solar or vinyl?

The key to choosing the ideal pool cover is knowing your needs exactly. Solar pool covers are good if your main concerns are heat and some water and energy conservation and cleanliness. They are also a great option if you do not have any kids or pets in the household.

But if your main concern is safety above all else, then you should go for safety pool covers in Granite Bay. They are durable, supported by anchors, and most importantly, have passed the ASTM safety standards. Aside from security, safety pool covers provide bonus benefits such as savings on water and energy, and a clean, warm pool perfect for an evening or early morning dip.