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What Makes Swimming Pool Covers in Los Altos Hills So Important

Keeping swimming pools clean and safe is of the utmost importance that’s why there’s a need of installing swimming pool covers in Los Altos Hills. What makes pool covers so reliable and why do people need to have them for their own pools?

Swimming pool covers in Los Altos Hills bring many benefits to residential and commercial properties. Installing pool cover may entail a cost, but you can consider the pool covers as a great investment. You will want to choose a company that will provide ultimate protection for your swimming pool as well as for yourself and your family. Pool Covers, Inc. manufactures one of the best-quality swimming pool covers in California, coupled with excellent service. Such pool cover benefits are as follows:

1. Pool covers save lives.
This is probably one of the most important considerations Pool Covers, Inc. has in mind when manufacturing one of the region’s best quality pool covers. A swimming pool cover acts as a horizontal fence and barrier to your pool, thus preventing you and your loved ones (especially little children, or anyone who cannot swim) from accidental drowning.

2. A pool cover prevents pool evaporation.
Among all other factors, evaporation is chiefly responsible for your pool water loss. According to many studies, a pool that is not covered can lose as much as 30% of water every day, especially during the very hot months. Evaporation can also take away the chemicals that are used in treating your pool’s water. Installing a cover will save pool water evaporation by as much as 95%, or roughly 700,000 gallons of precious water, when the pool is not in use.

3. A swimming pool cover keeps your pool clean.
When your pool is covered, it will be protected against many kinds of dirt and debris. It will save you time and money from having to clean the pool more often.

4. A pool cover will naturally heat up the water.
While a pool cover will prevent evaporating water, it will also absorb the heat from the sun, and provide that heat to the pool. This is perfect if you want to go for a night dip into a warm pool. A solar pool cover will maximize this benefit. It will save you from additional water heating bills.

Now that you know the importance and the many excellent benefits of installing swimming pool covers in Los Altos Hills, we are certain that you will want to set up one in your home.