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Ways Spa Owners Can Save Water, and Money, with Spa Covers

Many spa owners love soaking in their spa or hot tub for hours. It’s a way to relax, cast your stress aside and to unwind. In order to maximize the useful life of your spa or hot tub, it is wise to take care of it as much as possible by installing a spa cover.

There are many benefits spa owners can derive from installing a cover for their spa, especially an outdoor spa.

A spa cover will dramatically reduce water evaporation by as much as 90%. When your spa is covered, the vapor has no chance to escape. The energy that’s used to keep the water warm doesn’t drift away, so it conserves your spa water when it’s not in use and saves money to keep your spa heated.

When you conserve water, you don’t need to re-fill your spa as often, or need much more heating. Because a spa cover traps as much heat as possible, it retains the spa’s water temperature — this is the right temperature for you to enjoy a night dip. This will save you from consuming energy on your heater especially if you’ve got a heater that’s run by gas or electricity. It will save you from paying heating bills as well as water bills.

A reliable cover will protect your spa from debris such as insects, dust, twigs, leaves, and other things that will make your spa dirty. You don’t have to chase after a leaf that’s flying into your spa or things that go out of control such as your dog’s toys. You also don’t have to fish these things out of your spa.

You may experience allergies such as asthma, or watery red eyes due to the chemical treatments used in the water of your spa. Using a cover can cut down the consumption of your spa’s chemical consumption by 35% to 60%. This will save you spending more money on chemical treatments as well as save you from experiencing such possible allergic reactions.

A spa cover will also reduce how often cleaning and maintenance work is required. However, you will want to clean your spa when it is necessary, especially when you find mold in your spa’s tiles on its walls and floors, or that the water is virtually unfit to slip into.

By covering open bodies of water such as your pool or spa, you prevent poolside accidents or accidental drowning from happening. This is especially important if you have little children in your household. This is one of the greatest benefits that a spa cover provides — it will give you and your family an incomparable peace of mind.

When you need to install a cover for your spa, look no further than the services of Pool Covers, Inc. The company will meet your pool and spa cover needs. Whether you want a manual cover or a state-of-the-art automatic cover for your pool or spa, you can be sure of Pool Cover, Inc.’s high quality products and services. The company is totally committed to help you keep your spa and pool environment safe, healthy and enjoyable, while keeping its quest to conserve both water and energy.