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Save Water with Automatic Pool Covers in Atherton

The demand for automatic pool covers in Atherton is steadily on the rise.

The searing hot summer season is of particular concern especially among people who have swimming pools in their own backyards. And for a good reason: evaporation causes pool water to reduce by 30% each day especially during the hot months and during a drought. For instance, an uncovered 16×36 swimming pool can lose water by as much as 180 gallons of water a week (or 720 gallons a month) just due to evaporation, which also takes the heat as well as the chemical treatments from the water in the pool. Even indoor pools aren’t spared from the problems caused by evaporation. Atherton’s state, California, has been declared with a drought emergency by its governor. He has requested the residents of the state to cut back the water use by 20%. If you can’t use your pool all the time and can’t supervise it, invest on a good pool cover or blanket. You can find the best quality automatic pool covers in Atherton provided by Pool Covers, Inc.

With an automatic pool cover, you will prevent water from further drying up due to evaporation. In the process, you will save pool water by as much as 90% to 95%. With a lot of water being saved, you won’t need to re-fill your pool as often, and therefore you can save quite a bit of money.

An automatic pool cover also maintains the cleanliness of your pool. A covered pool will provide impenetrable protection against debris, twigs and branches, leaves, and all sorts of things aside from dust and other similarly small and undesirable particles. A clean pool won’t need as much maintenance or further cleaning or flushing out the dirty water which would mean more wasted water in the process.

Pool Covers, Inc. has a variety of automatic pool covers. The company’s pride is the Infinity 4000™ Swimming Pool Cover System. It is designed for both newly constructed and existing pools. The Infinity 4000™ has been hailed by many consumers as the best automatic swimming pool cover on the market today. Easy to operate and maintain, Infinity 4000™ also blends well with the environment because of its host of different installation options, solutions and colors to choose from. Infinity 4000™ pool covers also have the reputation of being efficient.

Automatic pool covers in Atherton are a must-have item for every swimming pool owners. Not only does an automatic pool cover save much water for you to enjoy swimming, it also saves you and your family from accidents, as well.