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Trust Your Safety Pool Covers in Stockton to Keep Children Safe

More and more people are realizing the benefits of safety pool covers in Stockton. Find out how safety pool covers save the lives of your loved ones, including children?

Whenever summer or spring come around, a backyard swimming pool becomes the center of a family’s fun activities. This is where they escape the heat – swimming, playing and relaxing in their own backyard oasis.

Unfortunately, swimming pools are also danger zones, especially for younger children. With their lack of awareness about the water’s potential danger combined with their natural curiosity and wonder, they are attracted by the water’s vivid blue color and seemingly serene appearance. They will go towards it, unsupervised.

While it makes sense to teach your kids to swim early on children still need to be supervised by an adult. But what if you are not around to look out for your kids? That’s where the real problem starts– when your kids are out of sight for less than a minute, they may be already by the poolside, or worse.

To ensure safety around the pool, consider these measures:

  1. Safety pool covers – Among all the three pool safety measures; safety pool covers are the best  in protecting your child against drowning. Provided that they are made of good materials, are installed correctly and are certified safe by ASTM, pool covers are the most reliable security measure. They are the ONLY security measure that will keep children and pets out of the water.
  2. Child-proof safety fences are a common pool security measure. They are used to enclose swimming pools perimeter. It’s best to invest in pool fences with self-latching and self-locking gates to ensure that they won’t be left accidentally open. Keep objects, such as garden chairs and tables away from the fence as they can be used by children to climb on. A fence will not keep a child out of the pool water if they are able to get through the fence or over the fence.
  3. Pool alarms are one layer of protection. When the alarm senses a heavy object (such as a person) that falls into water, the water’s waves cause it to emit a sound. Pool alarms merely give you a warning after a child or a pet falls into the water. You need to make sure you are somewhere that you can hear the alarm and that you can get to the pool in a timely fashion. They should be used in conjunction with a pool fence for optimal safety precautions.

If you have decided to buy a safety pool cover, make sure that it has met all the ASTM requirements. A pool cover is considered a safety pool cover by the ASTM if it can meet the following specifications:

It should be able to hold a weight of 485 lbs. – the equivalent of two adults and one child – to permit rescue operation.

Any opening or gap between the pool covers the side of the pool should small and tight enough to prevent a child or a pet to squeeze through it.

Surface drainage tests demonstrate whether a dangerous amount of rainwater is collected on the pool’s surface (which may otherwise endanger a small child)

Labeling requirements such as basic consumer information and warning labels.

Swimming pools are the most enjoyable way to bond with your family. As long as you have the correct safety measures in place you can enjoy all of the benefits of pool ownership.

You may choose any of the above-mentioned security options, but you cannot go wrong with safety pool covers in Stockton – they are the most reliable and fool-proof way of protecting your children from accidental drowning.