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Automatic Pool Covers in Granite Bay Help Save Water

Californians understand that conserving water is a difficult thing to do, especially if you’ve got a swimming pool in your backyard. The task gets more challenging as the temperature rises. And in states like California that are sometimes stricken by drought, it becomes more imperative to conserve water. Fortunately, some measures make water conservation less of a burden, such as installing automatic pool covers in Granite Bay.

Aside from splashing and leaks, that create an excessive waste of water, evaporation is another culprit that contributes to water loss.

Evaporation is the main cause of pool water reduction and loss. When the pool is left uncovered, it is exposed to the sun and wind. The water molecules rise from the surface of the water and form themselves into vapor drifting into the air.

An uncovered pool loses about two inches of water every week, but the rate depends on the size or depth of the pool, the amount of the shade over it, levels of humidity, heat from the sunlight and wind intensity. The best way to stop pool evaporation is by installing a pool cover. A pool cover slows down evaporation by 95%. A study conducted by the National Pool Industry Research Center says that pool owners will be able to save several thousand gallons of water by covering their swimming pools.

Below are several other benefits of installing a pool cover:

  • Heating the water – a pool cover traps the heat and maintains the water’s warmth. You can use your heater less often as you don’t have evaporative heat loss when you have a pool cover. This can lead to big energy savings;
  • Saving on chemicals – with a covered pool, you will have to treat your pool water with less chemicals, perhaps less often.
  • Keeping the pool clean – a pool cover blocks out fallen leaves, dirt, and other debris. If you use a solid pool cover, it also blocks out sunlight, which prevents the growth of algae, thus keeping your pool water cleaner.
  • Protecting your family – No need to feel panic when your child trips into a pool that’s covered. A safety automatic pool cover, in particular, protects children and pets from drowning. To make sure that you purchase a safety cover, check if it has passed the ASTM safety standards.

If you install an automatic pool cover, it also offers convenience. No need to labor through manually opening and closing the pool. With just a push of a button or a key, you can open and close the pool from a comfortable distance.

As you can see, automatic pool covers make conserving water less of a hassle and at the same time, they provide you with other benefits that make them a worthy purchase.

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