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Pool Covers Modesto: Covering Unusually Shaped Pools

Pool Covers Modesto: Covering Unusually Shaped Pools

Because of the advancements of technology and pool cover design, pool covers in Modesto can accommodate most pool shapes.

Pool cover manufacturers have started to create customized covers that cater to the creativity of today’s homeowner. The sizes and shapes of swimming pools today are much different than in years gone by. Swimming pools tend to be larger, have more water features, and have some interesting options like a beach entry or rock formations. A company like Pool Covers, Inc. can install safety pool covers on these types of pools. Just make sure to bring in an expert at the design phase of these projects.

There are many shapes of swimming pools:

  • Rectangular and geometric pools
  • Oval or round pools
  • Kidney-shaped pools
  • “Figure-8” pools
  • Multi-sided pools
  • Grecian or Roman pools
  • Freeform or custom-shaped pools
  • L-shaped pools

There is a pool cover for every size and shape. These pool covers can be custom-designed to fit your swimming pool accurately and precisely. Just like conventional-shaped pool covers, custom-shaped pool covers are designed to protect your pool from evaporation and debris. They also maintain your pool water’s temperatures — fit for a night or early morning swim! It is best to choose safety pool covers for additional pool security for you and your family.

Just make sure that a safety pool covers has passed the ASTM safety standards. Make sure that a pool cover has a good quality and heavy-duty design, durable and long-lasting hardware, reinforced perimeters, and a secure fit around the deck to make sure that the gaps leave small enough to restrict access towards the pool.

Whatever shape of the swimming pool that your heart desires and you want to keep it protected when not in use, custom-shaped covers are now possible! Just do not hesitate to call pool covers in Modesto makers so that they will make pool covers that fit right to your uniquely shaped swimming pool or spa.