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Swimming Pool Covers Los Altos Hills – Covering a Pool Is So Important

As the warmer season nears, it’s understandable that everyone just cannot wait to hit the waters again, whether it’s at the beach or in your own backyard swimming pool.

As much as pool owners are excited about using their swimming pool again, we want to stress that maintaining the condition of your swimming pool is still important. If you don’t have swimming pool covers on your Los Altos Hills pools yet, then it’s time that you should consider buying one.

Why is covering your pool important? Here are the common reasons why you want to get your pool a good pool cover:

It saves lives

A safety pool cover is necessary when you have a backyard pool. A safety pool cover prevents the chance of drowning especially among smaller children and even pets.

Reduced evaporation

An uncovered pool leads to significant water loss by as much as 30,000 to 50,000 gallons per year! A pool cover virtually eliminates evaporation if it’s kept on the swimming pool when the pool is not in use. A covered pool can help reduce evaporation by 90% to 95%.

Reduced use of chlorine

Chlorine is used to clean and sanitize swimming pools, but do you know that chlorine experiences degradation when exposed to ultraviolet light? And when chlorine is weakened by UV light, it means that it won’t be as effective in sanitizing pool water. A covered pool prevents UV light from entering the water, so it means you won’t have to use chlorine as much as if the pool is uncovered. Keeping the pool covered also leads to reduced use of chlorine, saving you both time and money.

A covered pool means a cleaner pool

This one goes without saying! A pool cover prevents fallen leaves, twigs, dust, dirt, and any other kinds of debris from entering the pool. A covered pool also prevents insects (such as mosquitoes) from breeding on the surface. Since a pool cover also blocks sunlight, there is also less chance for algae to grow in the swimming pool.

Increased water temperature

A pool cover doesn’t only maintain the warm temperature of your pool water, but it also helps in increasing it (as much as 4 degrees). Keeping your pool warm with the help of a pool cover leads to significant savings of your money and energy, and you don’t even have to generate pool water heat by using a gas- or electricity-powered heater.

When you open your pool, it maintains its delightfully warm temperature, which is perfect for a night or an early morning swim!

When looking for a safety pool cover, you should check first to see if it meets the ASTM standards. These standards when met make sure that your cover can support the weight of several adults, and will ensure that the cover, when properly installed, will not allow gaps that a small child or pet can breach.

You’d think that swimming pool covers in Los Altos Hills are only an accessory, but you will eventually realize that they’re one of the most essential things that you cannot do without, particularly if your swimming pool is not in use for a long time or you have young children or pets to keep safe.