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Save a Loved One’s Life with Pool Covers in San Jose

Effects of evaporation, help you save energy, and can help save the lives of those you love. That’s why buying a safety pool cover nowadays is considered an important investment, particularly to those who own a backyard pool and want to keep it unavailable to little children and/or pets when it’s not in use.

Unsupervised children, unfortunately, mostly account for the drowning incidences and other pool-related accidents. An estimated 300 children under five years of age drown not in beaches or in public pools, but in residential swimming pools every year. And what’s more tragic about it? These accidents could have been easily prevented if each pool had been properly covered with a safety pool cover.

While nothing takes the place of adult supervision, there are several anti-drowning devices such as fences and alarms that keep little children out of the pool’s parameters. However, a pool cover is the best safety measure that can save lives. It is the ONLY device that keeps someone out of the water.

If you are buying a safety pool cover, the first and foremost consideration is to ascertain whether it meets all known safety standards and is compliant to pool safety cover codes. A pool cover should be certified safe by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), International. For a pool cover to be qualified by ASTM as “safe” and therefore determined to be a “safety pool cover,” it should comply to these specifications:

  • The safety pool cover should be able to hold a weight of at least 485lbs (or almost 220 kilos) – that’s the estimated average weight of two adults and one child – to allow rescue operation.
  • Any opening or gap between the cover and the side of the pool should be small and strong enough to prevent a child or a pet from squeezing through it.
  • The “surface drainage tests” demonstrate whether a dangerous amount of water (such as rainwater) is collected on the cover’s surface.
  • Labeling requirements should have basic consumer information, as well as appropriate warning/caution labels.

Look for a pool cover manufacturer that develops, constructs, and designs pool covers that are certified safe by ASTM. Pool Covers, Inc. uses the latest in pool cover technology and even exceeds all the safety requirements by ASTM.

Many American families today enjoy the luxury of having a backyard pool. It is important to remember that having your own pool also means being responsible for maintaining it, as well as keeping it safe for your family when it’s not in use. You can always rely on Pool Covers, Inc. to design manual or automatic safety pool covers in San Jose to keep your family safe from potential pool accidents.