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Automatic Pool Covers in Woodside: Covering Saves Water

Typically, automatic pool covers in Woodside will help conserve water.

Do you know that an uncovered pool could lead to significant water loss? A regular-sized swimming pool that’s uncovered can lose from 30,000 up to 50,000 gallons of water per year – and the hotter seasons hasten the evaporation process even more significantly.

There are several measures to combat water loss by evaporation. You should see wind as a factor also, as wind can speed up the evaporation process. If your area is especially windy, you might consider putting up a barrier (such as a windbreak) to suppress the wind’s speed and prevent it from hitting it directly to the water’s surface.

If your pool has other features such as fountains, sprayers, waterfalls and colorful lights, it’s nice to have them since they add beauty to your swimming. However, you should limit their use since these features also expose the water to sunlight and air. This increases the chances of evaporation.

Apart from following the above-mentioned measures, covering your pool is another thing that you should not ignore. In fact, covering your pool is the number-one tactic to counter water loss from evaporation. According to research, covering a pool can reduce evaporation as much as 95%!

Not only are pool covers effective in eliminating evaporation they also maintains the warm temperature of the water, reducing energy use in your swimming pool heating equipment. It also keeps your swimming pool cleaner, protecting it from fallen leaves and twigs, dust, dirt and any other debris from entering your pool (saving you from cleaning your swimming pool time and again). If you use a durable safety pool cover, it will keep your pool blocked off from smaller children and pets, therefore preventing the likelihood of drowning and other related accidents.

If you want a pool cover but you are on a tight budget, you can install a manual safety pool cover which gives you all the benefits that are mentioned above. A manual pool cover is mostly ideal if you do not use your swimming pool that much. But if you have more than enough means, you can invest on an automatic pool cover. An automatic pool cover provides security as well as convenience – with just a turn of a key, the cover extends across the pool if it’s not in use. The multi benefits from solid vinyl safety covers should not be ignored.

In some cities, towns and municipalities in California, water districts and agencies offer discounts and other incentives for those who use a pool cover. That’s a great bonus for using a pool cover!

The bottom line is that if you want to slow down the effects of evaporation and want to keep the water levels intact when the pool is not in use, using an automatic pool cover is a highly recommended measure. Add automatic pool covers in Woodside to your swimming pools and see great savings on water, water bills and energy, plus guaranteed security to you and your family.