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Swimming Pool Covers in Santa Rosa Conserve Energy and Save Water

Energy and water are only two of the things that we need in life. Without these necessities, we cannot function and work properly. But sometimes we take these things for granted, and we realize their importance only when they’re in short supply. In the case of water, using a swimming pool cover in Santa Rosa can help you save not only energy, but also water which is short supply due to droughts in the state.

In order to avoid arriving at this critical point and being able to enjoy the benefits from water and energy, conservation is the key. Swimming pools use a lot of water obviously, so the bigger and deeper swimming pools are, the more water and energy can be saved. The more water and energy are conserved, the more money you save.

Many people living in hot, arid regions own swimming pools in their backyards to freshen and cool themselves. Water is being wasted either from splashing or evaporation when the pool’s not being used.

One of the ways to save water in the pool is to control splashing. This can also help reduce the water wasted especially when the kids are doing cannon balls and playing in and around the pool. Another way to save pool water is to prevent it from evaporating, which cannot be completely stopped or prevented especially when the weather is hot.

Evaporation accounts for much of the water loss in swimming pools. About 30% of water is being lost each day because of evaporation alone. This is especially true when the pool is not in use during hot months and drought. For example, a 16×36 swimming pool can lose water by as much as 180 gallons per week just to evaporation. Even water from indoor pools can be lost due to evaporation when it is not covered.

Many people love night swimming and will use water heaters to warm up the pool for such enjoyment. The more the heater is being used, the higher energy bills one has to pay.

You can save water and enjoy warm water for night swimming and at the same time save money by using a pool cover. Do you know that pool covers in Santa Rosa can help you save not only on water but also on energy? The truth is, pool covers are the most cost-effective and efficient ways to save both water and energy.

High-quality, durable, and long-lasting pool covers such as the products from Pool Covers, Inc. will help you in your water and energy conservation efforts. Pool covers will enable you to save water up to 95%. This means you can save about 70,000 gallons of water just by covering pools that are not being used. When you’re ready to swim, simply remove the cover to enjoy your time in the pool.

Pool covers help trap the vapor from drifting away into the atmosphere. It also helps insulate the water, warming it up in the process. This makes it perfect for a great night dip with family and friends. Pool covers help the water stay warm and will minimize the need to turn on the water heater, therefore saving you more money from paying energy bills.

Isn’t it great to have more pool water to enjoy, whether in the day or in the summer night, when you’ve got pool covers? Resources — such as water, energy and money — are precious to you, as to every one of us. You can start saving all of them just by simply using swimming pool covers in Santa Rosa — and see the difference in your energy and water bills!