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Pool Covers, Inc. Receives Top Honors at This Year’s Dealer Conference

Each year, during the Pool Cover Specialists Dealer Conference, top dealers are honored for their sales during the previous year. During the 2015 Dealer Conference, held February 10 and 11 in Lehi, Utah, Pool Cover Specialists (PCS) recognized Pool Covers, Inc. as the “Top Producing Dealer Worldwide.”

Pool Cover Specialists, which was recently purchased by Latham Pool Products, has over 1,000 dealers. Not only are their distributors across the United States, but they also have distributors from around the world in countries such as Israel, Spain, and South America. Of course, there are also distributors as close as Canada and Mexico.

The yearly conference gives the company a chance to thank the dealers for their hard work during the previous year. They also honor their distributors’ successes and appreciate their efforts in continuing to make Pool Covers Specialists successful.

This year, as Bruce Grogg, Pool Cover Specialist’s Chief Executive Officer, was preparing the sales figures for all dealers during 2014, he noticed that Pool Covers, Inc. stood out among all dealers in the United States. However, as he continued to review the sales figures, he noticed that not only had Pool Covers, Inc. surpassed the sales of all dealers in the country, they earned the top sales for all PCS dealers . . . throughout the world!

He was amazed at this accomplishment. When you consider that PCS has over 1,000 dealers in 13 different countries, it is incredible that Pool Covers, Inc. could accomplish this achievement.

Grogg stated, “This is an astonishing feat, and I am honored to be able to say, Pool Covers, Inc. now holds the undisputed heavyweight title of the Top Producing Dealer Worldwide. Thank you to everyone at Pool Covers, Inc.; your dedication and professionalism to your customers truly paid off.”

Pool Covers, Inc. started in 1984 by Bill Pickens. Since that time, the company has bought out one of their major competitors and expanded their service area. The company became the largest independent pool cover company in the state of California. It is now is a distributor serving the Northern California area. In fact, they serve 33 of California’s 58 counties.

Even though Pool Covers, Inc. received this recent recognition, they maintain that what they do is to sell, install, and service Safety Swimming Pool Covers. It is what they do, and with the honor of being the “Top Producing Dealer Worldwide”, it is something they obviously do very well.