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Swimming Pool Covers in Clovis Can Keep More Water in the Pool

Swimming pool covers in Clovis are not mere pool accessories. More people are becoming aware of their benefits, from slowing down evaporation to even saving a life. Swimming pool covers really are among the best investments you can make for your family’s safety when you have a swimming pool.

Do you know that it is possible for a swimming pool cover to keep more water in the pool?

As you may have known, one of the culprits of water loss is evaporation. This occurs when the swimming pool is left uncovered when not in use. The evaporation process starts when the water molecules rise from the pool’s surface, and then they turn themselves into vapor which is drifted into the atmosphere.

Typically, a swimming pool of a standard size will lose a quarter-inch of water every day due to evaporation, or about an inch of water every week especially during the hot months. Because of the varying sizes and depths of swimming pools, as well as external factors (such amount of shade over the pool, degree of heat and humidity and the wind intensity), the water loss rate can be faster.

If your pool is left uncovered all year, it can lose more than half of its water. This loss can be equated to 26,000 gallons of water!

That’s why a pool cover should installed to prevent water loss due to evaporation. It works as a barrier by trapping the vapors from escaping. The vapors, in turn, become water beads that drop into the swimming pool. As a result, not only does a pool cover slow down evaporation, it even keeps more water in the pool! A pool that’s covered regularly will save up to 90% to 95% of water! No need to call the water company to have your swimming pool re-filled.

If that is not reason alone to consider buying a pool cover, it also provides other benefits:

  • It keeps the pool clean.
  • It saves on cleaning and treating chemicals.
  • It prevents algae from growing.
  • It saves someone’s life.
  • It retains the water’s warmth (no need to use the water heater, leading to energy savings).

Fortunately, most pool covers are priced reasonably and there is a wide array of models, sizes and price points available. You may be contented with just a manual pool cover (snap-down or manual track). But a pool cover can also be considered as an investment – you can put in thousands of dollars for a high-end automatic pool cover which offers an additional benefit of convenience and handsome financial returns!

No matter which type of swimming pool covers in Clovis you choose, they all work in the same manner in slowing down or stopping evaporation – and keeping more water in the pool for you to enjoy!