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These Pool Covers in Clovis Can Save a Loved One’s Life

At first, you may not feel you need pool covers in Clovis as you think you’ll do fine without it. But how about your children or someone else who cannot swim, at the poolside on their own? This is why you need to install a safety cover on your pool. Peace of mind!

Backyard swimming pools are a paradise to every homeowner – they can swim, play and relax in it. Swimming pools are also good places to flex muscles and even burn calories. Why the need to hit the resorts when you have got your water paradise right in your own yard.

However, swimming pools can be danger zones, especially for children. They are attracted by the pool as they know they have fun in the pool and they are unaware of the danger that awaits them. Uncovered pools can also be a danger for your pets. If a pet falls in and does not know how to get out this too can be tragic.

Did you know that most of the drowning incidences occur not at public pools or public resorts, but from backyard pools? Unsupervised children mostly account for these accidents. What’s more heartbreaking is that these accidents are easily preventable.

Sure, nothing takes the place of adult supervision. But the next best thing to it is not a pool fence or a pool alarm, but a safety pool cover. It can save lives, as it is the ONLY device that keeps little children and pets out of the water. Even if you fail to look over your child (because of other responsibilities, etc.), your child won’t fall and drown if he or she trips into a covered pool.

But how can you tell that a pool cover is considered “safe” to become a safety pool cover? Fortunately, you can always look for the seal of approval from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International. If a pool cover has an ASTM certification, it means it is a legitimate safety pool cover.

For a pool cover to be certified “safe” by ASTM, it should comply with these standards:

  • It should hold a weight of at least 485 lbs. – the estimated average weight of two adults and one child – to allow rescue operation.
  • Any opening or gap between the cover and poolside should be small and strong enough, therefore not permitting a child or a pet to go through it.
  • The “surface drainage tests” which demonstrate whether a dangerous amount of water (such as rainwater) collects on the cover’s surface.
  • Labeling requirements: basic consumer information and warning/caution labels.

A backyard swimming pool is a quick and fun escape from the heat. However, owning it also entails responsibility. You are responsible for cleaning and maintaining it, as well as making sure that your family and loved ones are protected from drowning when the pool is not in use. That is why pool covers in Clovis will be your best protection against drowning – plus they can provide other benefits such as slowing down evaporation, keeping your pool clean and maintaining the water to its ideal temperature.