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Swimming Pool Covers Granite Bay: Why Does the Water Evaporate?

Swimming Pool Covers Granite Bay: Why Does the Water Evaporate?

Swimming pools are susceptible to water loss. There are several causes of it – splashing and backwash, leakage, and evaporation.

Evaporation is the major culprit of water loss in swimming pools. A pool that is not covered loses up to two inches of water every week due to evaporation.

Why does the water evaporate when you leave the pool open? The following lists the reasons for pool water evaporation:

  • Little or no humidity – If you happen to live in an area where there is a lack of humidity, the chances of pool water evaporation will be high. The drier the heat, the more water it will absorb. On the other hand, an environment with higher humidity will lose less water.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight – Several swimming pools are built in areas where direct sunlight hits the most. When your swimming pool is fully exposed to sunlight, it means it will lose more water due to evaporation. Unscreened outdoor pools are likely to lose more water than screened and indoor pools.
  • Temperature – Temperature also plays a big role in pool water evaporation. High temperatures, such as intense summer heat, can substantially contribute to pool water loss.
  • Winds – The speed at which the air flows over the surface of the water can affect the water’s evaporation rate. As the wind blows, it carries away airborne water molecules that are in the air. The combination of winds and low humidity causes more water molecules to dissipate into the air.

Use swimming pool covers to reduce evaporation!

Save your pool water from evaporation by using swimming pool covers! They can dramatically slow down evaporation, particularly on hot days and cold nights. Studies confirm that covering a pool can reduce evaporation by up to 95%! That’s big water savings!

A swimming pool cover traps the vapors and the heat from escaping. Not only can a swimming pool cover can keep more water in the pool, but it can also keep more heat inside the pool. This means a substantial reduction in energy demands on your pool equipment. Using a pool cover is the best single method to prevent evaporative loss.

Pool Covers, Inc. offers a wide variety of manual and automatic swimming pool covers which are not only effective in curbing evaporation – they offer more benefits! They keep your pool clean and warm, plus they also help reduce the use of chemicals to sanitize the pool.

Pool Covers, Inc. has over 37 years of experience installing pool covers which provide the benefits of pool water conservation and safety while maintaining a beautiful pool environment. If you’re looking for swimming pool covers in Granite Bay, or the surrounding area, Pool Covers Inc. will be glad to be your partner in your water conservation efforts. Call Pool Covers, Inc. today at 1-707-864-6674 or visit the website at https://poolcoversinc.com/.