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Safety Pool Covers Clovis: Considering Water Conservation in Your Yard

Safety Pool Covers Clovis: Considering Water Conservation in Your Yard

Water conservation is usually the last thing that people would do until drought hits their area. Pool owners are hit the hardest during a water crisis, especially due to extreme dryness. Safety pool covers in Clovis are the single most efficient method to save your precious pool water from heat and evaporation.

Even with your water conservation efforts, many people would still see backyard pools as the biggest culprit whenever there’s a severe crisis. But if you look at it closer, the pool uses less water than a lawn does. Conversely, watering a lawn uses a lot more water compared to a swimming pool.

Every year, a lawn uses 30,000 gallons more than a swimming pool does. Pools use the most water initially, but even then, it still uses less water than a lawn does. Recent studies, such as those conducted by Santa Margarita Water District in California, conclude that a 1,200-square foot swimming pool uses 12,000 less water than a lawn of the same size.

You don’t have to drain and refill your water every year. The pool only needs to be filled with water every once in a while. The use of decks around the pool is also helpful in contributing to substantial water savings.

Use safety pool covers to save more water!

Another reason why pools waste less water compared to lawns is the use of safety pool covers, which prevent the water from evaporating by trapping the vapor and heat from escaping. Safety pool covers can reduce evaporation by up to 95%! It should be the reason alone why you should consider purchasing and installing a safety cover for your swimming pool.

But there are many other benefits that you can get from using a safety pool cover. In addition to preventing your pool water from evaporating, a safety pool cover also keeps the water warm. This leads to substantial savings on energy.

A safety pool cover also keeps your swimming pool clean by keeping out fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering.

For some pool owners, especially those with families, the reason why they decide to purchase a safety pool cover is the protection that it can provide. A safety pool cover creates an effective safety barrier that prevents children and pets from entering the pool. If you’re looking for a safety pool cover, make sure that it is made of quality materials, is correctly installed and has passed the ASTM pool covers safety test.

Pool Covers, Inc.’s manual and automatic safety pool covers can help save precious pool water. Plus, they provide additional benefits such as a clean pool, energy savings, savings on chemical usage, and protection to your family. Whether you want a simple manual pool to cover or want total ease of use with a fully automatic pool cover in Clovis, Pool Covers, Inc. offers the best pool covers that are right for your needs.

Make safety pool covers in Clovis an important step towards water conservation! Call Pool Covers Inc. today at 1-707-864-6674 or visit the website at https://poolcoversinc.com/.