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Swimming Pool Covers Clovis: Tips to Keep Your Pool Safe

Swimming Pool Covers Clovis: Tips to Keep Your Pool Safe

Keeping your backyard pool environment safe will make your pool moments more fun and memorable. Make swimming pool covers in Clovis a part of your pool safety measure and maintenance.

By adopting some of the below safety options you will be able to maintain a safe pool area and you and your family will have many years of backyard fun. Many layers of protection can work best together.

1. Install a pool cover

To keep your pool safe, have a safety pool cover installed. A pool cover closes your watery oasis when it’s not in use. When the pool is covered, a child or pet cannot get into the pool.

2. Build a pool fence

Building a barrier around the pool will keep the kids out of the pool when you’re not there to supervise them.

3. Install an alarm system

By installing an alarm system, you will add more security to keep kids out of the water when you are not around. Install the alarm near the pool fence gate so that it will sound an alert when the gate is open.

4. Scrap the diving board

Even if you know how to dive, a single mistake can cause you to slip off the board and hit your head. Diving boards are a culprit of several head injuries. So, it is advisable to remove them.

5. Have a first aid kit and rescue equipment nearby

Make sure that you have a rescue equipment handy such as a life ring, life hook, or a life tube. You should also keep a first aid kit in an accessible area and check on it periodically to ensure it is in good condition.

6. Inspect pool drains and drain covers

Drains and drain covers can be significant safety hazards – or even death traps, literally. Pool and spa drains can create underwater suction, which can have enough force to trap even the ablest swimmers. Several accidents and even deaths have occurred where children pulled from the drain did not only drown (or almost did not drown), but they also sustained physical injuries because of the drain suction. That’s why it’s crucial to inspect pool drains every now and then – the covers should be round, and there should be no cracks or missing screws.

7. Establish pool rules

It’s also crucial that you should educate yourself and your family members about what they must do and what they must not do when it comes to pool (and poolside) conduct. Enforce proper pool safety rules. You can even post a big sign of “pool rules” in the pool area so that everyone can see it.

Pool Covers, Inc. offers both manual and automatic safety pool covers that provide the total security you need. Whether you want a manual fastener, a track manual, or an automatic track cover, Pool Covers, Inc. has got you covered. We have pool covers to fit your needs and your budget.

When it comes to pool safety, you won’t take any chances. Install swimming pool covers in Clovis to ensure total pool security for you and your loved ones.