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Safety Pool Covers Modesto: Solid or Mesh – Which Is Better?

Safety Pool Covers Modesto: Solid or Mesh – Which Is Better?

Pool owners are seeking to upgrade their standard “tarp” covers with more substantial and more reliable safety pool covers in Modesto. They have good reasons to make such an upgrade. Tarp-style covers make poor pool covers – they are often inferior materials, so they do not last long. What is more, tarp-style pool covers are not ASTM-certified, so it means they do not offer any safety value.

If you are one of those people who have made the right decision to switch from tarp covers to safety pool covers, you may probably know about two types of safety pool covers: mesh and solid. This article will help you determine which type of safety pool cover will work best for you and your backyard pool:

Mesh safety pool covers

Mesh safety pool covers are designed for long-term use, such as closing the pool in time for the winter season. They are designed to be used to close down a pool and then reopened during the swim season. These covers tend to be difficult to use and are not meant to be put on and taken off a pool often.

Probably the most significant advantage that mesh pool covers have is that it requires little maintenance. It allows precipitation (such as rain and snow) to pass through them into the pool while blocking out larger debris, such as leaves and branches. Therefore, mesh covers do not accumulate rain or snow, making them the best pool covers for areas that receive heavy rainfall or snowfall.

But because mesh safety pool covers have screen-like material and construction, some of the finer debris (such as silt and sediment) may get through the webbing. Some ultraviolet light may also get into the pool, and as a result, it can stimulate bacteria and algae growth.

And because the finer dirt and debris settle on the bottom of the pool – plus the bacteria and algae – springtime cleaning will be more laborious and time-consuming.

Solid safety pool covers

Just like mesh safety pool covers, solid safety pool covers are secured to a deck by anchors. Solid safety pool covers block out leaves, branches, and other types of debris, preventing them from entering the pool. Solid safety covers also prevent water/heat and chemical evaporation thus saving money.

Safety pool covers also do not allow finer dirt, silt, soot, sand, and other sediments to pass through. They also block out sunlight and ultraviolet rays from getting into the pool. These features are essential because, in the springtime, when the pool water starts to warm up, algae will grow on the pool walls when the pool is exposed to sunlight (as in the case of mesh covers).

Solid safety pool covers keep out rainwater and snow as well. However, solid safety pool covers require the use of a sump pump during the rainy season. This will prevent water from accumulating on top of the cover.

However, the advantages of using solid safety pool cover easily outweigh the drawbacks. Solid safety pool covers keep your water clean throughout the off-season, which makes opening the pool in the spring a breeze – no need to clean out the pool.

With their tough and durable materials and construction, a solid safety pool also covers top when it comes to preventing children and pets from drowning. If pool security is of concern to you (especially if you still have smaller children and/or pets in the household), you should check the pool cover if it has an ASTM certification for safety. It is essential to determine that the pool cover you are considering purchasing and install to your pool is indeed a safety pool cover.

Which is better mesh or solid safety pool covers in Modesto? It is entirely up to you. It depends on your preferences, the area you live in, your budget, how would you like to clean and maintain your pool, as well as your need for pool security.