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Spring Is Here – Is It Time for New Pool Covers in San Mateo

Now that winter’s over and the season is going into summer, you’re likely excited to ditch your boots and jackets and jump in to your swimming pool! But then you find out that your pool smells dirty? Does it have decaying leaves and branches and dead bugs floating in it? Or worse, has it turned green? To prevent that scenario from happening, it may be time to buy new pool covers in San Mateo!

Pool covers are the most cost-effective way of maintaining your pool’s condition and cleanliness, as well as extending its useful life. When summer’s over you can cover the pool in time for the chillier autumn months where you’d love to see the fallen golden leaves — but not in your swimming pool! You may use a mesh cover (leaf net) for your pool, or a solid pool cover. Both types of swimming pool covers are effective in keeping larger items out of the pool, but trapping the leaves and small branches are better handled by the solid pool cover.

As the cooler seasons approach, you will begin to think about covering your swimming pool for the season. The purpose of doing this is to protect it from the damage due to colder (possibly freezing) water, as well as to keep the water clean from fallen leaves, branches and other debris. Prepare your pool for the cooler months by cleaning and backwashing the water, removing pool accessories, lowering the water level, draining pumps, and last but not the least, covering the pool.

When winter is over and the warm weather returns in the spring, you can see the rain and the snow melting on the pool cover’s surface. The ideal way to remove them is to use a cover pump (when using a solid cover) or broom, brush or a hose (for mesh covers). They will take a little effort compared to fishing the fallen debris straight out of the water if the pool is not covered. A covered pool helps to maintain your pool water chemistry.

Having pool covers will help keep your water clean by the time you open the pool in time for spring. But springtime doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the pool cover! Since it is warmer in this particular season, the heat can evaporate your precious pool water, literally, into thin air.

When the pool is not in use after you’ve gone swimming, it is also wise to protect your pool, and your loved ones, by covering it. Another advantage of using covers is that they also prevent your swimming pool water from evaporating — you can save as much as 95% of water when the pool is covered, compared to an uncovered pool.

Spring is definitely here which means it is also time to use swimming pool covers! They will help keep your water clean in time for this season, as well as prevent your pool water from evaporating. New pool covers in San Mateo aren’t just an accessory – they are a must-have for every pool.