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Pool Covers in Lafayette – Save Pool Water

A swimming pool in your own backyard is a place for fun, relaxation and exercise. When summer begins, your pool will be the go-to place for swimming and gathering with friends and family. But while summertime means swimming is more fun, it also means being concerned with water conservation issues. Apart from the splashing, overfilling, as well as getting in and out of the pool, evaporation is also the cause of water loss. This is where pool covers in Lafayette are needed and can do so much good.

The searing hot summer and the California drought will even further hasten evaporation, which may cause about a 30% reduction of pool water every day. For example, a regularly-sized swimming pool (about 16 by 36 feet) that is uncovered can lose as much as 180 gallons of water per week into thin air. Evaporation also strips off the heat as well as the chemical treatments used in the pool.

You can help maintain the water levels in your pool by doing something as simple as covering it. A good quality pool cover will help to significantly reduce the amount of water in your pool that evaporates. A covered pool will help you save water from 90% to 95%. With a lot of water being saved from evaporation, you may not need to have your pool re-filled, which may mean unnecessary costs on your part.

A pool cover acts as an effective barrier which traps the vapor from escaping in the air. If you love a heated pool for your summer night swimming with family and friends, you don’t need to turn on the heater as a pool cover warms up the pool while preventing the vapor from drifting in the air at the same time. Not only will you be able to save money from escalating water bills, but energy bills as well!

Summertime is the best time for swimming, so to extend the pool fun, it’s best to conserve water by using pool covers in Lafayette.