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Safety Pool Covers in Sonoma – Can You Really Stand on It?

A few of the things that homeowners look for in safety pool covers in Sonoma are their strength and durability. This is important especially if you’ve got little children or pets at home, or frequently host poolside parties that involve many guests. There are some things to remember, though: many manufacturers would claim that their products are “durable.” But that very word doesn’t necessarily mean that it is solid enough to stand on or walk on.

Many manual and automatic pool covers — especially those that are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) — can hold different amounts of weight. In several cases, they can even support several thousands of pounds at once! A certified safety pool cover has undergone stringent safety tests.

How could you know if a pool cover is safe to stand or walk on? One of the things to find out is to check if it has passed the rigorous ASTM safety standards. One of ASTM’s conditions requires that a pool cover should support at least 485 pounds (or about 220 kilograms, which is equivalent to one child and two adults). The important thing to make sure that a pool cover is able to hold that much weight is that it should float on the water and evenly distribute any weight that is put on it.

Saying that, it is NOT ADVISABLE to stand or walk on the pool cover, however durable it is, except in cases of emergency. When you have to walk on the pool cover, you should not have anything sharp so as to damage the pool cover (such as wearing stiletto heels or dragging sharp small rocks onto the cover). It should not have leaks, stagnant rain water, snow, debris, etc. left on the surface of the cover so that it will be able to support weight. As you can see, anything that is left on the pool unchecked will result in its diminished quality and supporting ability.

Yes, it is possible that you can stand or even walk on safety pool covers in Sonoma, as long as you make sure that the pool cover is of high grade and ASTM-certified. In addition, you should also know your limits in standing on a pool cover as well as how to maintain its quality in order to extend its service life.