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Replacing an Old Safety Pool Cover in Rancho Cordova

A good quality safety pool cover in Rancho Cordova should last years. After the peak period of its useful life, they will eventually wear out and by that time, you may expect to encounter visible damage.

Depending on the extent of the damage, it can be either repaired or replaced. Apart from that factor, there are several considerations that will help you decide whether you need to repair it, or have it replaced:

  • The pool cover’s age;
  • The frequency of its use;
  • The cost of repair versus the cost of replacement.

The extent of the damage – A small tear or rip in the pool cover that is less than six inches can be usually done by simple patching. Make sure to have the pool cover dried completely before patching. It is preferable to glue rounded or oval patches onto the damaged area. To make sure that the pool cover won’t tear apart again, it is best to patch both sides to make it even more durable.

If you can’t do the patching yourself, or if you don’t have the time for that, you can have a certified pool cover technician do the repairs for you.

If a pool cover has a rip along its side this too can be patched by a certified pool cover technician, as long as the fabric is still in good shape the webbing on the side can be replaced, thus giving you more life out of your cover.

Sometimes replacing your safety pool cover can save you money and time in the long run. As the covers age and become brittle they can cause operational issues as well. This is when you have to weigh the cost of repair vs replace, and not all covers can be repaired. Some just hit the end of their life expectancy. This is where a pool cover technician can assist you.

If repairing a pool cover is now out of the question and you want to have it replaced, you should contact a reputable pool cover company. You can set up a free, no obligation estimate. Not only will they evaluate your cover but they will evaluate your entire system and give professional advice on what needs to be repaired and replaced. This will keep your entire system working the way it should.

Pool Covers, Inc. is the top and the largest independent distributor of pool covers in Northern California for over 37 years. You can be assured you will receive quality products at a fair price and you will receive excellent customer service.

If your safety pool cover in Rancho Cordova requires service contact a professional.

Remember, having a new safety pool cover is an investment, as you can enjoy many benefits from using it which include water conservation, savings in money and energy, convenience, and safety for the whole family.