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Safety Pool Fencing Sacramento

Safety Pool Fencing Sacramento

Having a backyard swimming pool can be an excellent feature of your home. It provides an easy way to cool off on a hot day in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. If you have children, a swimming pool gives them a chance to cool off, exercise, and have fun.

Unfortunately, accidental drowning is one of the leading causes of death for many children. And the tragic fact about these drowning incidents is that most of them occur not in beaches, private resort pools, or public pools but in residential pools.

The more tragic thing about these pool-related deaths and injuries is that they could have been prevented with simple but effective pool safety measures to keep your children and pets from accessing the pool.

There is nothing like adult supervision. It is also required. However, pool fences and pool covers help you keep an eye on the safety of your children and pets. Pool security measures like fencing and covers are mandatory in many places. Having a pool without a proper security system, like fences and covers, is even considered illegal. These safety barriers provide a layer of security to pool owners and peace of mind to parents and pet owners. It is good to have a pool fence, and pool covers from Pool Covers, Inc. all year round.

Fencing for safety

A swimming pool fence can keep your children and pets safe while minimizing the risks of any child or pet having an accident. The Centers for Disease Control reports that using a pool fence can help reduce the risk of drowning by 83%. 

The fences are available in various materials such as wrought iron, vinyl, aluminum, and masonry like brick and stone. Both basic and elaborate models are available, and the choice depends on the client’s requirements and preferences. Low- and high-maintenance fencing materials are available. Certain materials like brick, stone, cement, and aluminum require minimal maintenance. However, others, like stainless steel and glass fencing, require high maintenance.

Safety Pool Fencing Sacramento

When you install a swimming pool fence, it must be safe, customizable, and easy to use. It should also complement the layout of your home. For example, a rock or stone fence can be an ideal accompaniment to a natural stone deck or with the surrounding stone garden. Or, if you have an oriental garden surrounding your swimming pool, bamboo panels are an excellent fencing choice. 

The access doors to the pool area should be double-layered and have an effective locking system for protection. The fence should be high enough to prevent kids and pets from climbing on it. Alarms on the fence gates are desirable. Any object that can help climb the fence should be kept away; otherwise, accidents can happen. Safety pool fences can be both portable and fixed. This is a good option for families with babies, toddlers, and pets.

Below is the checklist for pool fencing:

  • Knowing your options
  • Color, design, and material choice
  • Required maintenance
  • Safety requirements
  • Cost and warranty

Take all things into consideration to keep your children and pets safe while making your pool environment attractive, and call an experienced local fence company.

Pool covers for safety

Other swimming pool owners believe several layers of protection are much better to protect their pool and loved ones from harm. A safety pool fence is one such layer, and a pool cover is another.

The idea behind a pool cover is to turn your swimming pool into a restricted area when not in use. In some states and municipalities, there’s no need to build a fence around the pool if you have already a safety pool cover. However, others require a pool fence, whether the pool is covered or not.

You should invest in a safety pool cover if safety is your paramount concern. Safety pool covers are strong enough to hold your weight if you have to walk across the cover. This makes safety pool covers the safest and best option for pool owners who have children or pets. Safety pool covers are available in fabric types (solid vinyl and mesh) and modes (manual and automatic).

ASTM standards for safety pool covers

ASTM International (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials) is an internationally accepted body in developing voluntary consensus standards for various materials, products, services, and systems for the end use of the consumer. The ASTM standards ensure that manufacturers create the best possible products, helping to keep consumers safe from any type of injury.

ASTM has developed standards for safety pool covers. The standards for all pool covers are labeled as ASTM F1346-91. To meet the ASTM standards, pool cover manufacturers must meet the following four requirements:

  • Weight – The pool cover must be able to hold at least 485 lbs. (the combined weight of two average adults and a child) to permit rescue operation.
  • Perimeter Deflection Test – During this test, manufacturers must demonstrate that any opening on the pool cover is sufficiently small and strong enough to resist any efforts to pass through.
  • Surface Drainage Test – This test proves that the cover is designed in a way that excess water (such as rainwater or melted snow) does not accumulate on the cover’s surface by using a semi-permeable material or design feature that allows the water to run off the cover’s surface.
  • Labeling – The pool cover must have the proper labels, such as manufacturer warranties and appropriate warnings.

Safety Pool Fencing Sacramento

Other benefits of using a pool cover

Pool covers are another essential accessory for all backyard pool owners, whether outdoor or indoor, inground or above-ground. With the right choice of pool cover, you will enjoy other advantages aside from the safety factor.

  • It prevents evaporation by keeping the water in.
  • It keeps the heat in, regulating your water’s temperature.
  • It keeps your pool water clean.
  • It maintains your pool water’s chemical balance.
  • You’ll enjoy savings on water, energy, and pool chemicals.

The safety procedure for a swimming pool should be taken care of at the time of setting up the pool. The type, quality of fencing, and material used depends on construction and maintenance cost. You should choose according to your requirements and budget.

For another layer of protection, install a quality safety pool cover from Pool Covers, Inc. If you need professional help, talk to our specialists at Pool Covers, Inc. to learn more about getting a safety cover for your swimming pool.