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Tips for Buying Hot Tub Covers in the East Bay

Hydrotherapy, water healing – call it what you like, a soak in a hot and bubbly hot tub/spa is a great way of relaxing and rejuvenating. A spa/hot tub is a wonderfulinvestment, adding value to your home and giving you many years of relaxation if maintained and kept in good condition. Spa/hot tub covers are essential to protect your spa from the elements, to keep your heated water from evaporating, keep debris out and to prevent young children and pets from falling in.

Quality hot tub covers

All hot tub covers have almost same ingredients – like foam filling, vinyl coverings, inner plastic layers, locks and straps, outer covers etc. How to distinguish quality hot tub covers which will give long service and value for your money? How to select good covers that reduce power consumption with heat conservation and protect the spa/hot tub from extreme weather conditions? Are there hot tub covers crafted with care with attention to details with warranty and free service/replacement guarantees etc?

Tips for hot tub covers

Core strength

Check for foam density, strength and thickness. Dense, thick and strong foam is crucial for high-level insulation and bearing the weight of heaviest hail/snow fall that may occur in East Bay without being damaged. Check whether foam is properly and fully sealed to protect against moisture and water-logging. Also check for metal channel support for foam to stay in shape.

Other issues

The scrim material, inner lining, prevents moisture from reaching the foam inside, deflects warmth back into spa not allowing it to escape. A good scrim is made from double-ply poly laminate material – again treated and tested for resistance against mildew, cold crack and UV resistance; with drain holes to prevent water build-up.

High quality hot tub covers have locks and tie-down straps for securing covers at four corners even in hurricane conditions as well against human trespassers.

Many manufacturers in East Bay offer overall tarpaulin covering that protects hot tub covers during winter times.

Check for warranty, free-replacement/service guarantee normally offered by East Bay manufacturers.


Your hot tub/spa can be the focus of your backyard/patio décor for fun-times with family and friends. So enjoy the pleasure of hot tubs year round in East Bay’s salubrious weather from well-maintained hot tubs with high quality hot-tub covers.