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Slash Down Pool Heating Costs – Use Solar Pool Covers

Slash Down Pool Heating Costs – Use Solar Pool Covers

Getting solar pool covers can be a green option that can help in cutting down your energy expenses also. By using solar pool covers, you do not need to heat the pool as much as otherwise maybe needed. When you want to enjoy all the pluses of having a great home improvement option like a swimming pool, yet at the same time reduce the strain on your budget, solar pool covers are the answers.

Mounting costs

Do you know that the annual cost of heating your pool can range right from $1000 to $ 3000 or more depending on the size of the pool. Even if you heat it for just one season, it will be as much as $ 400-$500. You may be using gasoline, electricity or other type of heaters like propane. But the cost will not go away. The best way to reduce this cost is by getting solar pool covers to cover your pool whenever you are not using it.

Reducing evaporation to minimize heat loss

Most of the heat and energy loss happens because of evaporation. Solar pool covers help greatly in reducing the evaporation and keep the heat contained within. It is estimated that almost 95% reduction in evaporation can be achieved with just using solar pool covers. Because the covers cover the entire water surface floating on the surface of water, they provide efficient windbreak and they do not allow any evaporation-causing turbulence from strong winds.

Slash Down Pool Heating Costs – Use Solar Pool Covers

Answer to cutting costs

With solar pool covers, daytime pool temperature increases by 10-12 degrees. During night time, the heat loss is 90% reduced. By using solar pool covers in place of electric heaters or gasoline heaters, whatever be the kind of pool – in ground or above ground – you will be able to save up to 50% of energy expenditure. By using solar pool covers, it is claimed that in one season only, you can save any amount from $100 to $500 and recover the cost of the cover.

You can check with Pool Covers, Inc at to try out various ways to cut down heating cost of your swimming pool.