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Safety Pool Covers Sonoma – Do We Need a Winter Pool Cover?

Safety Pool Covers Sonoma – Do We Need a Winter Pool Cover?

A swimming pool is a central feature during the hot summer months. But when winter comes, you’ll need to take some necessary steps to protect it. But do you need safety pool covers in Sonoma during the colder season?

The answer is no. You don’t have to cover your pool during the colder months if you don’t feel it’s necessary. You could leave your pool open all winter long if you want to. However, you will probably not like the results.

If you shut down the swimming pool over the fall and winter months, your pool will start gathering lots of dirt and debris. Fallen leaves, twigs, branches, dust, soot, and other things will start falling into the pool. If you have closed your pool, its filter will not be able to clean these leaves, dirt, and debris out. This unwanted debris will accumulate in your pool, leaving it dirty and murky.

On top of this, an uncovered pool with no chemicals or filtration will be the favorite breeding ground for insects, pests, bacteria, and algae. Indeed, you don’t want to jump into a pool that doesn’t only look mucky but is also unhygienic.

Winterizing an inground swimming pool ensures that the pool’s equipment is not damaged from the freezing temperatures for anyone living in the colder regions. Of course, there are also covering the pool that will avoid all of the issues mentioned earlier together. The cover acts as a barrier to block out leaves, twigs, dust, dirt, and debris. It will also prevent sunlight, which enables algae growth in the pool. On top of this, a pool cover will keep children and pets out of the pool.

Are winter covers and safety covers the same?

As you prepare your pool for the colder months, you need to decide on the type of cover. The demand for winter and safety pool covers significantly increases around the year’s cooler months. And with that demand, some people would immediately think that winter and safety pool covers are the same. But they aren’t.

A standard winter pool cover is a tarp that goes over your pool during the winter season. It protects the pool against dirt, debris, sunlight, and seasonal damage, which will help things run more smoothly when you open the pool for the spring season. But since it is not designed for safety, a winter pool cover cannot be relied on to protect your children or pets from falling into the pool.

A winter pool cover installs quickly and easily and is generally cheaper than safety pool covers.

On the other hand, a safety pool cover helps protect your pool no matter the season. It is the ideal pool cover for any situation – any time you are out for a holiday or when you’re away from your home and pool for a very long time.

A safety pool cover protects your pool from dirt, debris, sunlight, and evaporation, maintaining the cleanliness, ideal water levels, and chemical balance in the pool water. Safety is one of this pool cover’s most significant advantages. It acts as a safety barrier preventing children and pets from taking a tumble into the pool; thus, drowning is significantly reduced. As long as it’s properly installed, a safety pool cover will keep kids and pets out of the pool.

When it comes to the aesthetic side, a safety pool cover is more visually appealing than a winter pool cover. Winter pool covers usually look ugly and clunky. Safety pool covers, on the other hand, look great around your pool. You can even choose a fabric color of your choice so that your safety pool cover blends better with its surroundings.

Generally, a safety pool cover costs more than a winter pool cover. But think about the benefits that a safety pool cover provides. You can use it any time of the year, not just during the winter months. A safety pool cover has many benefits that can save you money in the long run:

  • It saves money on chemicals and water.
  • It maintains the pool’s finish and equipment.
  • You spend less effort, time, and money on cleaning.
  • It adds to your home’s value.

Safety pool covers in Sonoma are not necessary during the winter months. Through the simple act of protecting your pool with a safety cover, you will avoid all the hassles of cleaning it when the spring season comes. Plus, a safety pool cover saves you money in the long run, making it a worthwhile investment.