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Pool Covers Alamo – Find the Right Cover

Pool Covers Alamo – Find the Right Cover

Pool Covers Alamo – Find the Right Cover


More backyard pool owners realize that pool covers in Alamo aren’t mere accessories. Whether you live in one of California’s sunniest or windiest regions, as long as you have a backyard pool, you will need a cover to protect your watery haven from the various weather elements.


Weather is one reason for installing a pool cover. But there are also other factors. You want to keep the pool sparkling clean without having to remove fallen leaves or treat the water with chemicals too often. You also want to keep the pool nice and warm for an evening swim, but doing so may drive energy costs. Or you still have little children and pets, and you want to put a barrier to the pool to prevent them from accidentally falling into it.


You have also seen a significant decrease in your pool’s water level. It’s because the pool was left uncovered when not in use, making it exposed to sunlight and wind that contribute to your pool’s evaporation.


You would think you need a complex and costly solution to the shared pool issues. But did you know that only a quality pool cover can deal with all these problems? It only takes to find the right cover for your swimming pool. 


Choosing a pool cover doesn’t have to be a complicated process. But you should know what you want and need when looking for the right cover. It may depend on a variety of factors like its location (if it’s under trees or completely exposed to the sun) and the shape and size of the pool. How frequently (or less frequently) do you use your pool? Are you looking for convenience when opening and closing the pool? Those things also be a deciding factor for purchasing the right pool cover.


If you want to buy a safety pool cover there are two basic types of safety pool covers:


Mesh – Mesh safety covers look like a huge strainer. The mesh material prevents leaves, branches, and insects from entering the pool but allows sunlight, rain, and snow to filter through. Mesh safety covers are also more lightweight than their solid counterparts. You can have your mesh safety cover custom fit the shape and size of your pool.


Due to the mesh cover’s tiny holes, it eliminates the need to remove standing water from the surface of the pool cover since it allows rainwater or melted snow to enter the pool. The mesh material also allows sunlight to filter through. While the sunlight keeps the water warm, it encourages algae to grow on the pool’s walls. There’s also the rainwater and melted snow, which carry dust, soot, and other fine particles with them. These factors leave your pool water murky, which means you have to put a lot more effort into getting it ready for the swim season.


The pool is still exposed to sunlight and wind, which means evaporation remains a problem if you do not cover your pool more thoroughly.


If you live in an area that does not experience heavy rain or snowfall or your pool is located in a shaded area, a mesh safety pool cover is ideal. It is also recommended for anyone who prefers to do the bulk of the maintenance in the spring.


Solid – Solid safety pool covers can also be customized to fit the shape and size of your pool. They are typically vinyl. Unlike a mesh cover consisting of tiny holes, a solid safety cover is an impervious material. The fact it is solid prevents all sorts of debris – fallen leaves, branches, dust, sunlight, wind, rain, and snow – from entering the pool. It means there’s no dirty water or algae growth when you open your pool in the spring or summer, equating to less maintenance. 


A solid safety cover also retains the chemicals in the water, which means there’s no need to treat your pool more frequently than you should. When the pool is completely covered, the chemical levels remain consistent for longer.


If you’re concerned about decreasing water levels in your pool, a solid safety cover is a perfect choice. Since it completely blocks sunlight and wind, a solid pool cover prevents water loss due to evaporation.


One of the most significant disadvantages of a solid pool cover is the accumulation of standing water on its surface, posing a drowning risk if not pumped off. The water needs to be removed by an automatic pump, which turns on and off by itself when it detects the presence of water.


Solid safety pool covers can be secured to the deck with anchors and springs. If you own an automatic safety pool cover, you can open and close it automatically. Check out our hydraulic and electric automatic safety covers and their installation options for automatic safety covers.


Now that you know the features of the mesh and solid safety covers, as well as their pros and cons, you may have probably decided which of these two pool covers in Alamo will work best for you. If your goal is to have your backyard pool safe, a mesh cover is the way to go. If your goal is to have your backyard pool safe, dirt-free, and algae-free, and its chemical levels retained, a solid safety cover is a perfect choice.